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Project for sharing system of compact EV vehicle using VR simulation
TOYOTA Motor Corporation.
This is an agenda which is being worked on as an initiative in the transportation (traffic) part of the low-carbon dioxide society system demonstration project in Toyota city. The vehicles and parking / battery charging station are placed in a virtual town modeled with high degree of realism based on the field survey, which is being used for verifying and confirming the basic service plan such as the fusion of EV and its station with the original town, procedure of vehicle reservation and its return and the design of traffic line etc.

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The image of a single-driver type Electronic Vehicle (EV), its depot, and the city of Toyota itself can be confirmed as you run the script. When you play a scenario, the whole process of renting an EV from reservation to using the EV can be confirmed. The "Include driving" scenario allows you to drive from one depot to the next.

Simulation for a landscaping plan using point cloud data
Kyushu-orient Servey&Design Co., Ltd.
This VR data has been created based on the point cloud data collected by the company's own technology as part of the renovation project on Teramachi street and its surroundings in Nagasaki. The proposal consists of narrowing of road lanes to force traffic to slow down, widening of sidewalk, laying down stone pavement on top of the sidewalk, road barriers,
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The switch from the current situation and plan is represented using point cloud in the VR data in which the space is represented via point cloud measuring data. The switch of before and after of the plan can be confirmed and lighting-up in Tera Machi can be seen. When manually operating, the switch of point cloud and lighting-up can be selected according to the context.

Training system for tunnel administrator via VR
Within G'Val, FORUM8's UC-win/Road simulates traffic and pedestrians in a realistic interactive 3D environment. It generates traffic according to pre-set volumes, speed, signaling and environmental conditions (time of day, geographic position, climate, light etc...). The project objective was to develop a VR based training system that would accurately reflect the real work of Highway & Tunnel Operators.

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This is a VR data for maintenance training using a tunnel monitoring system. After activating the script, you can see the image of inside of the tunnel and control screen. It is possible to move the viewpoint to various direction in order to confirm inside of the tunnel by selecting the landscape position. Car accident and fire accident are set in this data as an example of the situation for training.

Restoring the Oomuta street car in 1952 and the town along its railroad
Keisuke Ijiri
This VR could represent the Oomuta street car, which was very popular as an important transportation for citizens, from the free viewpoint and in a colored display in which the street in Oomuta where used to be the coal mining town can be seen.

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Oomuta street car loved by the resident of Oomuta until the street car stopped running in 1952 has been reproduced in the VR environment. Enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of the Showa era in which seeing street car and coal train travel back and forth is quite common.

Simulation for urban planning in front of Hokuriku Shinkansen "Iiyama station"
Iiyama city Construction channel department City planning section/Section for maintening the surrounding of the station of Shinkansen bullet train
This VR data simulates the future Iiyama city in which you can see the public facility like the station square around Iiyama Station of Hokuriku Shinkansen planned to be renovated following the opening of the station itself, which is scheduled at the end of 2014, and the fusion of rich nature and functions of an urban city apparent in the improved park of Iiyama castle, a symbol of the city about to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the castle’s foundation. This VR can be seen in a workshop and forum and it fulfills an important role for urban planning to work with city hall and residents.

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Try running the script "View all". <br>Beautifully renovated area around the Iiyama station, which is a new station for the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the scenery of Japanese festival taking place in front of the station, cherry blossoms of Iiyamajoshi park, and beautiful mountains of Nagano prefecture that can be seen from the park can be viewed as one set of data.

  Mr. Hiroo Kasagi (NPO Chiiki Zukuri Kobo)
Aiming for "Alleviating traffic jams in the original route especially near railroad crossings and narrow bridges".
Nishitetsu C.E. Consultant Co., Ltd
The purpose of creating this VR data visualizing a new bypass route in the countryside is to obtain in the consensus from the local residents on the proposed project of building an alternative route through the river, railroad, and low altitude rice fields in this area to mitigate traffic congestion that is becoming a problem in the original route especially near railroad crossings and narrow bridges. Bird's eye view was also created.

*This movie has sounds

Bypass road, river, railroad are all visualized. By running a script, overpass and underpass as well as how shadows are created can be confirmed from various view including aerial view and train driver's perspective.

Mr. Tatsuoki Inagaki (Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association)
Experience simulator for ITS spot service
JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) Car Electronics Commitee / Car Electronics Promoting Comitee
This is an interactive simulator in which an "ITS Spot" installed on a road and "Car navigation system compliant to ITS Spot" built in the car transmits high capacity data with high speed and then wide network of road traffic information, images are visualized on the screen to allow the driver to experience various services that "ITS Spot" service, the next generation of ITS service, has to offer.

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You can experience the service of ITS spot while driving a car. Confirm the information of ITS spot displayed in car navigation and please drive carefully. After driving, drivers skills evaluation report will be displayed.

Mr. Fumio Seki  Nihon University
Simplified assessment for landslide extraction in the south of Nakatusna
Material Hakuba Co., Ltd.
As part of the earth and sand extraction project small enough to be inapplicable to an Environmental Impact Assessment, this VR data was used to explain to local residents how the landscape will change using VR simulation for the benefit of obtaining consensus either at community meeting or on the Web.

*This movie has sounds

By runing a script, the view of a stone pit from various places around its perimeter and the image of future vegetation can be seen. You can also confirm how the scenery can be changed by alterning around the time or season by selecting the context.

Improving the intersection which has a lot of accident and analysing the effect using DSLog
Korea Transportation Safety Authority
Yangyang street No.3 in Kangwon Province, South Korea is a high accident area according to the slope way. There is not many traffic, but neck phenomena of vehicles frequently occur because of its geometric structure. Moreover there is the peculiar-shaped No.5 in Nonsan city of Chungcheongnam-do and there are a lot of accidents happened. To improve these intersection problem, the present situation and improved situation of the merging traffic, road marking, traffic lights and position of stop line etc. have been implemented, and that was used for decision-making and meeting to explain to local residents. The driving test via simulator was conducted and the improved result was confirmed by analyzing the DS log value.

*This movie has sounds

This data includes traffic simulation on 2 intersections in Korea; one in Yang Yang and another in Non San, each designed to compare the image of before and after the improvement that can be confirmed by running the corresponding script. It is possible to drive to the intersection by selecting a road among the choice of road 1, 2, 1(2), and 2(2) after you click on "Travel".

Simulation for pipe plant facility
Kusakabe Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
The company sells plant equipments mainly to their clients oversea. Because plant equipments come in all sizes, when they are combined to form one big plant, it may look entirely different from what is shown on the company brochure depending on what combination of equipments are used. UC-win/Road was the perfect answer. By creating a VR data of the finished plant, they were not only able to get a much better picture of its size but also confirm the operation of the machineries within the plant, thus helping them confirm the size and other details of deliverables before they are built.

*This movie has sounds

By running scripts, each visualizing a particular course of action, you can confirm the movement of each type of machine or pipe. View can be switched from plan view to 3D view at vice versa at user's discretion.

Simulation for landslide disaster in Suzawa district of Shinshiro city, Aichi prefecture
Fukui National College of Technology
Suzawa district of Shinshiro city, Aichi prefecture is lash and has a limpid stream, but mudslide had occurred in the past times and the disaster prevention system needs to be constructed. In this VR, the detailed terrain and building are represented for the explanation of the danger of mudslide and the situation of landslide disaster several times because of the heavy rain and the stage of the occurrence are visualized in an easy way to understand.

*This movie has sounds

A village in a valley is visualized in VR space. Debris-avalanche triggered by a landslide due to torrential rain is expressed by running a script, enabling you to confirm how the disaster is initiated from various angles.