Flight plan creation, remote operation, and log acquisition by collaborating with 3D VR

UAV Plugin Option Ver.7

Initial Release : 2016.08.26 / Latest Ver. : 2022.06.03


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Program Overview

You can create a flight plan by selecting passing points in UC-win/Road and adding actions on the points such as taking photo or starting video recording. The information of the flight plan is uploaded on the UAV after the creation. The UAV fully automatically takes off, passes each passing points, acts if defined, and finally lands. Media files of photos and videos can be downloaded from UC-win/Road over the wireless after finishing the flight.

■Supported models
Verified: Phantom3 series (Advanced, Professional), Phantom4 Pro, Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air
Not verified: Inspire series, Matrice series, Mavic Mini, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise

▲DJI Phantom 4 Pro

▲DJI Mavic Pro

Ver.6.0.0 Updated contents (Released on June 3rd, 2022)NEW

  1. Emergency Stop Button

Functions and features

Figure 1 is the all devices to be used. The system consists of DJI Phantom 3 Professional, a remote controller, a tablet (Android interface), a laptop (UC-win/Road and UAV plug-in), and a Wi-Fi router (for the connection between UC-win/Road and Android interface).

▲Fig.1 UAV operation system

At the upper left of Figure 2 is a UAV plug-in window. It is for various settings and a display of real-time data. At the lower left is the flight editing screen, on which flight plans can be created by setting the passing points and the behavior (taking photos or videos) there. Users can start the flight after the creation of the flight plan. Figure 3 is an image of a flight. Automatically the UAV takes off, flies along the planned route, and lands at the final passing point.
A white line under the UAV in the figure 3 is a visualization of the vertical line to the ground to make the UAV's height clear.

▲Fig.2 UAV plug-in of UC-win/Road
and the flight editing screen

▲Fig.3 Execution of the flight plan

Simulator mode

This mode allows users simulate flight plans and practice the manual flight while cooperating with VR image without using other applications.

Display shooting range

Display of camera contents in 3D environment is planned, for example, the real-time display of recorded range. This feature is sometimes useful when mapping, enabling users to find out uncovered range in real time and to set flight until covering entire mapping area.

Manage multiple UAVs

Until now, it was assumed that one UAV would fly at a time, but it is difficult to cover a wide range with a single UAV in a relatively short time. Wherein, by allocating tasks to multiple UAVs, each UAV can perform mapping the area in charge. The progress can be monitored in UC-win/Road in real time.

In addition, major transportation companies are investigating the actual possibility of sending small packages with UAV, and there is a good chance that UAV will contribute to it in the near future. However, safety issue is standing over if actually using UAV. To solve this problem, UAV batch management system is effective, and it can be used, for example, to evaluate algorithm of flight collision.

▲Display shooting range in real time

▲Management system for multiple UAVs
and their task allocation

Emergency Stop Button

A wireless emergency stop button has been added. When unexpected circumstances occur and it is required to stop the UAV quickly when executing a flight mission in autonomous flight, anyone near the Android device can stop the UAV at any time.

The button communicates with the Android device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for around 10 metres. It has a main switch, two side buttons and an OLED display and is powered by three AAA batteries.

Flight plan manager

Flight plan manager is planned to be introduced in order that users can search the flight plan they created before, import it to UC-win/Road, and execute or edit flight. Currently, created flight plans are automatically saved as a file name with the creation date. Addition of display in thumbnail or calendar format enables easier flight plan searching.

Download media file

By displaying contents in the SD card in a file list, you will be able to download all files at once or select the file you want to download. This feature will also shorten the time of getting video files.


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UC-win/Road UAV Plugin Option Ver.7 UAV Plugin only USD3,000

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UC-win/Road UAV Plugin Option Ver.7 USD1,200

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Price of Subscription Service Contract

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UC-win/Road UAV Plugin Option Ver.7 USD2,250 USD2,670 USD3,300

Version Upgrade History

Version Upgrade History

UC-win/Road UAV Plugin Option
Version Release Date Update Contents
7.0.0 22/06/03
  1. Emergency Stop Button
6.0.0 21/02/26
  1. Point cloud generation (proof of concept)

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