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VR-Studio (R) Advanced US$16,000 Released 2009.10.26
VR-Studio (R) US$12,000 Released 2009.10.26

Information on UC-win/Road

Advanced VR system made by the latest architecture

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VR-Studio(R) Q&A

Q1-1. With UC-win/Road, we cannot deal with the detailed terrain in a wide range. With VR-Studio, can we import the 25Km-square contour view with 2-meter mesh polygon?
Especially when we create the road, the result from cutting and banking is totally different without using detailed mesh as described above.
A1-1. Yes, VR-Studio allows to import it, but it requires more memory. 10Km-square with 2m mesh doesn't occur any problems in importing. If we create the long distance highway, please set the detailed mesh along the road, then set up 50m mesh for surrounding area. (If you set 25Km-square with 2m mesh back to 50m mesh, it will be calculated 625Km-square, which is almost VR-Studio's limitation.)
Q1-2. Can we apply the special price for switching from UC-win/Road to VR-Studio?
A1-2. We don't have the special price for upgrading, but if you have UC-win/Road Ver.4 or VR-Studio(R) Advanced, the special price will be applied.(As of May 2010) >> Special price (Japanese)
Q1-3. Can we copy the script in VR-Studio?(the whole script or the part of script)
A1-3. We will support the implementation or copying of the script.
UC-win/Road allows to copy the whole script. In VR-Studio, we will develop the function which retrieves the other script as a subscript in a script. Copying is not required due to the reuse script function.
Details of the released date is yet to be determined, we will also develop the subscript function in UC-win/Road.
Q1-4. With UC-win/Road, we need to create the road before arranging the structural objects such as models continuously. Is it the same with VR-Studio?
(It's currently not easy to use, hence if we could arrange for the grid, it would be much useful.)
A1-4. With VR-Studio, we can add the road accessories on path. For example, it allows arrangement of the accessories continuously after drawing the flight path. As flight route is not visible in 3D screen, it is useful to place the model continuously.

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