Cooperation between UC-win/Road and HTC VIVE HMD (Head Mounted Display)
allows users to experience VR environment

UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3

Initial Release:2017.07.19 / Latest Ver.:2019.10.30


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Program Overview

This is a plug-in that links UC-win/Road to VIVE HMD (Head Mounted Display) and allows wearers to experience VR space.
HTC VIVE is a HMD for VR developed by HTC and Valve. In addition to displaying images on the screen inside the HMD, it can synchronize the movement of wearer's face with the UC-win/Road screen and give him/her a higher immersion because external sensors equipped on it detect the position and posture of the HMD.

Related Information

◆New Product Introduction
HTC VIVE Plug-in Ver.3 (Up&Comming’19 Fall issue)

Ver.3.0.0 Revised Contents (Released on Oct. 30th, 2019)

  1. Cooperation with scenario events
  2. Cooperation with scenario triggers
  3. Cooperation with VIVE tracker

Functions and Features


Oculus Rift Plug-in can also cooperate with HMD. Though basic functions that enable the immersion to 3D space is the same as HTC VIVE, a large difference between HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift is the size of immersion range. While Oculus Rift provides the area of about 2.4 m at diagonal line, HTC VIVE does up to about 5 m. That is, you can have a VR experience in wider range with HTC VIVE than Oculus Rift.

OS Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
RAM 4.00GB
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
Output HDMI1.4 / DisplayPort 1.2

▲ Required spec for HTC VIVE

▲ View seen with HMD (display by Steam VR)

Functions compatible to the HTC VIVE controller

  1. Model display at the position of controller
    A 3D model you set is shown on the display and it moves according to the motion of the controller. It is useful to see the scale of motion in VR space since a model can be displayed at the position of sensor too.

  2. Function to move the point of view
    The reference point of view can be moved with the controller buttons. The VIVE provides a playing space of 5m in the diagonal, and moving the reference viewpoint lets users move around a wider VR environment.

  3. Scenario / Script menu
    In the case of the previous version, users had to take off the HMD temporarily and operate the software to play scenarios and scripts. In this version, users can display the menu and execute them from a controller.

▲ Operation menu of VIVE plug-in

Cooperation with Scenario Event

Event function linked with the VIVE device has been added to the scenario function. The activation and invalidation of the connection with HMD, reset view, and controller vibration setting are available. Since users can select which device vibrates, it is possible to vibrate the device at the arbitrary timing or to switch the HMD connection during driving in scenario.

▲ Scenario event setting

Cooperation with Scenario Trigger

In addition to by operating buttons and pad on controller, users can shift scenario events by using the trigger for the collision between models displayed in UC-win/Road and ones displayed on controller, tracker, HMD, or sensor. This function allows users to ride on the vehicle when the controller buttons are pressed, when the controller model contacted with the vehicle model, etc.

▲ Setting of scenario trigger

Cooperation with VIVE Tracker

The VIVE tracker is a device that imports objects in VR space as an object that is motion-tracked. Different from the controller, the VIVE tracker is used by attaching on body or object.

Set 3D model is displayed at the position of the VIVE tracker and moves along the motion of tracker. Several trackers can be recognized at once. It can be used for the work simulation by attaching to tools at construction sites, for the motion capture by attaching to hand or leg, and for other usages.

▲ Model display with VIVE tracker


Product Price

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Product Contents


UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3 Plug-in only USD3,000

■ Price of Floating License

Paying 40% of the product price allows anyone to use the product on any PC anywhere in the world.



UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3 USD1,200

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Price of Subscription Service Contract

Price of Subscription Service Contract

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-Software upgrade   -Technical inquiry (Email, Tel)
-Download service   -Maintenance and update notifications via email

* We are sequentially making a transition from the maintenance-support service to [Subscription Service] from April 1, 2016 in order to enhance support for diverse product usage and to reduce license management cost.

Product Subscription cost
of first year
Subscription cost
of subsequent years
(annual cost)
Subscription (UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3) Free USD1,200
Subscription (UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3 Floating) USD1,680

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Rental license / Rental floating license

■Rental License

Product 2 month 3 month 6 month
UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3 USD1,350 USD1,590 USD1,950

■Rental Floating License

Product 2 month 3 month 6 month
UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3 USD2,250 USD2,670 USD3,300

Version Upgrade History

Version Upgrade History

 UC-win/Road HTC VIVE Plug-in Option Ver.3
Version Release Date Update Contents
3.0.0 19/10/30
  1. Cooperation with scenario events
  2. Cooperation with scenario triggers
  3. Cooperation with VIVE tracker
2.0.0 18/02/05
  1. Supporting controller devices.
  2. Added a system menu.
1.0.0 17/07/19
  1. New Release

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