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  UC-win/Road MindWave Plug-in
US$3,000 (Tax is not included.)

Windows 7/8/10
Brain Wave Driving
 Drive simulation in UC-win/Road by a brain wave measuring device MindWave Mobile
Initial Release : '18.03.26 
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  Product Overview
Users can drive a vehicle by their brain waves when they start drive simulation, wearing the MindWave Mobile on their head.
The acceleration and braking can be controlled by brain waves.

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MindWave Mobile (developed by NeuroSky) is a wireless stereo head device equipped with brain wave sensors. This device measures brain waves classified according to frequency such as alpha and beta, and show it in the psychological state such as concentration degree and relaxation degree by its unique algorithm.

Mindwave plug-in links this device to VR data so that the driver's degree of attention can control the acceleration and brake.
The vehicle accelerates if the driver concentrates by staring at a point on the screen. If the driver gets distracted, the concentration level decreases and the vehicle decelerates by automatic brake.
Drive simulation screen

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