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  UC-win/Road Communication plug-in US$3,360 (Tax is not included.)
A web-based communication system and network-based driving simulation system which allows users to share 3D environments, synchronize data, change camera positions and simulate driving

Initial Release : April 8, 2010

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UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information

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Program Overview

  • UC-win/Road is a 3D Real-time VR Software Package, used for stakeholder consultation for road and construction projects. Many plug-ins have been released for this software program, but none that enables data sharing and collaborative work have been released until now.
    As a new plug-in, we have developed web-based communication system, which enables to share 3D environments, synchronize data, alter camera positions and simulate driving.

Host Screen Client Screen

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Seminar application

Program function and features
This Plug-in enables communication between multiple UC-win/Road users.

Users can send comments and scenery details (camera position/direction, time etc.) over the internet. These features enable collaborative design work and stakeholder consultation.

In addition, it allows network-based driving simulation.

Screen of driver A (blue car)

Screen of driver B (red car)

Sending and receiving control information
  • Using the same data, multiple users can view the environment from the same camera position.
    In addition, by placing the server in the environment that can be accessed over the internet, information can be exchanged over the internet.

    < Available functions >
    1. Synchronization of camera positions
      You can share your screen with multiple users by sanding the camera position, direction and angle.
    2. Synchronization of time
      Various times of the day (morning, daytime, nighttime) can be synchronized and shared with other users.
    3. Changing the transmission interval
      By optimizing the transmission interval with the user’s system environment, users can use the synchronization functions smoothly.

Chat function
  • You can chat with multiple users. Using the data transmission function of UC-win/Road, meetings and conferences based on UC-win/Road data can be achieved.

Network-based driving simulation
  • The function to enable multiple users to drive in the same UC-win/Road environment is planned for development. For example, users will be able to drive around the same circuit course in UC-win/Road over the web, or LAN. This could be useful in research, where interaction with other drivers is studied.

    Screen of driver A: red car

    Screen of driver B: blue car

    • Synchronization of vehicle data
      By transmitting information about each driver’s vehicle, each vehicle can be displayed in the same environment.

      Synchronization of scenario execution
      By synchronizing the start of the scenario, all users can start their scenarios simultaneously.

Case Studies

  • Collaborative Modeling Work
    User A
    Looking at the issuing point, discusses the point
    User B

    Screens can be shared with other users, which helps to save time
    Visual explanation helps all parties to understand ? even those who are not familiar with the project
    Visual explanatory material

    Explanation and Consultation
    User A
    Looking at the issuing point, discusses the point
    User B

    Chat function helps understand better and can prevent misunderstanding of the locations in consideration
    Synchronization of time as well as synchronization of view allows deepened explanation of the situation

    Explaining new UC-win/Road Data
    User A
    Explains the point with looking at the invoice
    User B

    Real-time communication helps in explaining various settings
    Users can communicate what they see on the screen immediately, thus, uncertainties and queries can be resolved quickly
    Visual explanatory material

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