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Coordinate information, direction, speed and steering angle of a driving vehicle can be output to a log. Traffic flow and characters can now be exported. It is now possible to save in CSV format or output UDP in real time through a network.

Log export data
Basic data Simulation time, model name, model ID, model type
Coordinate, posture X/Y/Z coordinate, pitch/yaw/roll angle, vector
Power, speed Engine speed, gear number, car speed (km/h, m/s), speed limit
Input Steer wheel angle, accelerator position, braking amount, autonomous driving
▲ Example of log export data
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  Program functions and features
Log Export plug-in allows users to export simulation data in csv file format or via UDP stream to another PC on the network. Information about the user vehicle, the vehicle in front of the user, and other moving objects can be output. Log export can be started and stopped by hand or synchronization with a scenario. When exporting data to a CSV file, fixed objects selected in scenario can be added to the log output items. In this case, the distance between them and the user vehicle is exported.

▲ Log option screen

■Log content options
  • User's vehicle
    Select this option to export data of user's vehicle, vehicle in front, and other moving objects.
  • Vehicle in Front
    Select this option to export the information of the vehicle in front of the user's vehicle. The vehicle in front is automatically detected by UC-win/Road as the first vehicle in the same lane and in front of the user’s vehicle.
  • Surrounding moving objects
    Select this option to export the information of all the surrounding moving objects (vehicle, pedestrians, trains etc…) surrounding the user inside a limit radius. Set the limit radius in Radius for surrounding objects.
  • Other moving objects
    Select this option to export the information of all the moving objects in the scene.

■Basic functions
  • Start logs
    The plug-in will log some real time data described in Log file content of the Log Export plug-in.
  • Stop logs
    UC-win/Road will continue the logging process until you or itself stops the process.
  • Edit profile
    You can set a profile which will be used in the output log file name. This setting is optional.

■Log Export with Scenario
  • Setup a scenario
    Create events launching start/stop/edit log during scenario.
  • Setup a Start Logs event
    After creating a scenario, you may want to create an event which will start the logging process.
  • Setup a Stop Logs event
    You can use an event to stop the current logging process.
  • Setup an event which opens the profile editor
    You can use an event to open the profile editor that will set the information for the log file name.
  • Select the object to be exported to the log file
    You can choose one or more models which will be used in the distance computation.

■Log file items
Log Export Plug-in has two types of log export. You can select CSV file or UDP stream in the log option screen.

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