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UC-win/Road SDK Ver.14 USD3,360
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A development kit for customizing UC-win/Road applications and options.
  Initial Release '07.07.20 / Latest Ver. Release: '19.11.11
   UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
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 UC-win/Road TOPICS 

  Program Features
This API is provided to customize UC-win/Road.
This API allows you the flexibility to develop and customize options similar to that of a basic UC-win/Road plug-in.
In addition, the reading and writing of UC-win/Road date and customizing user interface are available in real time.

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   Ver.14.0.0  Revised functions < Released on November 11, 2019 >
Major new functions
  1. Now supporting UC-win/Road Ver.14.0.0
    Program Features
  • UC-win/Road SDK requires Embarcadero® Delphi to develop the plug-in because the API of UC-win/Road SDK is made by Delphi. UC-win/Road plug-in, as a runtime library of Embacadero® Delphi, is either loaded during the start-up of UC-win/Road or by using UC-win/Road plug-in manager on the screen.
    It enables customization of UC-win/Road by accessing from plug-in to applications or the existing data.
    * Delphi Professional or higher edition is required, and Ver.10 only supports Delphi XE2. You can get XE2 from the download service of the downgrade version.

Product Configuration
    Library Folder : Stores the various library files necessary to compile the plug-ins.
    Plugins Folder : Stores source codes of various sample programs. By compiling and carrying out, it will be helpful for the understanding of functions controllable by SDK.
    Help File : Describes the API interface and how to set Delphi. Only in English for the current version.

API Function
SDK has a variety of functions such as creating and editing UC-win/Road data, data exchange, data processing, addition of UI (User Interface), and driving simulation control. The followings are the main functions:

■Reference and change of static data constructing VR space
This SDK is for the following objects, and has the function of data creation, edit, exchange and processing.
  • Terrain
    Polygon coordinates to be constructed, elevation of designated plane coordinates, mesh size, converting coordinate
  • Road linear
    Horizontal alignment, IP point coordinate on vertical alignment, road length, slope, relaxation curve and arc settings, information of each lane
  • Road section
    Cross section, sort of lane and curb, cutting/banking/tunnel section shape, texture reference
  • Intersection
    Shape, texture, marking, traveling path, traffic light (Signal phase, Traffic control)
  • Model
    Polygon structuring models, texture, basic color, parts configuration, size, action setting, rotate, scale, origin position
  • Placement model
    Building, 2D tree, 3D tree, vehicle, background, sign, side objects, video wall, 3D text, new creation

▲Terrain ▲Placement model
▲Road linear

■Model/Character real time control
  • Control of character coordinate
    Characters walk according to the real-time control of coordinates, orientation, inclination, etc. It can be used to visualize other analysis program.
  • Control of movable parts
    A part of model can be moved by calling movable setting specified to the 3D model.

▲ Control of character coordinate ▲Control of movable parts

■Control of drive simulation
Control of the vehicle dynamics (physical movement of the car) done in UC-win/Road can be replaced with motion model in plug-ins developed by SDK, and it can be used for R&D for vehicle stability and comfort evaluation, and consideration of new technologies. It also can be replaced with vehicle motion model calculation done by external programs (ex. CarSim).

■Log function
The function for acquiring real-time information such as steering and accelerator position, and coordinates of vehicles and pedestrians. Logs can be saved as file and analyzed.

■Viewpoint control of the main screen
You can freely control viewpoints (camera positions). It is possible to show models from various angles.

■Free drawing of OpenGL Control
You can directly draw 3D images by using OpenGL control. The figure below is drawing wind flow (flow line) in the 3D space. (Fluid Analysis Link Plug-in)

■User operation acquisition
You can take control of mouse, keyboard, and gaming controller used for the main screen. VR space can be controlled by clicking the mouse and pressing keys, and information about the clicked model can also be displayed.

■Customization of GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Addition of input/information display dialog
    Creating and controlling parameter input window and information window.
  • Addition/management of control
    You can add menu items and tool bars in the main menu, and change the action at the time of selecting existing tools.

▲Addition of input/information
display dialog
of control

Sample Program
  • A program carrying out various settings of the traffic flow. "Traffic Generator Set" will be added in the tool menu. When you click, it adds the "arbitrary traffic volume point" in the center of each road and the basic settings can be made. The setting of the traffic flow generating point of the edge of the road can also be done.
Quad information of the road (Acquisition of the shape of the road) Display and selection of the sound receiving point (object instance)

  • Log export
    In driving simulation, obtaining the physical quantity of the vehicle in real time becomes possible.
    It can be used in a variety of analysis by obtaining information of the vehicle driven by the user and vehicles of the surrounding. For example, by freely incorporating the driving characteristics, safety, and judging algorithm of green driving, it can be used in education and research.
    The information output are as follows.

      ・Location information and direction of the vehicle
      ・Location information in regard to road and roadway
      ・Driving operation quantity of the user
      ・Vehicle's speed, acceleration, engine RPM, and gear
      ・Vehicle attributes: Weight, measurement, gear ratio, engine torque, break stress, and friction coefficient
  • Customization of vehicle driving model
    • Customization of the driving characteristics of the vehicle to drive becomes possible. It replaces the standard driving model of UC-win/Road, and it can program the vehicle driving algorithm in regard to the user's driving operation. Using the VR environment of UC-win/Road, driving simulation can be done by customized driving model.
  • Model Real Time Control
    • Moving and showing/hiding the 3D model registered in the data in VR space becomes possible. If you give only the location information in UC-win/Road, an animation of the character model will be played according to the actual movement speed. A representation of a free movement is possible besides the movement along the flight route or road which is the basic function of UC-win/Road. By developing linkage with external data, a VR representation of the micro simulation becomes possible.

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