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UC-win Series Dynamic Analysis


Rental Fee:

Platforms: Windows 7/8/10
Download detail spec.

Product detailsPrice/purchaseSamples
Software Price

Product name Price
WCOMD Studio US$12,000

Academic Price

We provide Academic lisence for educator, academic researcher, student etc.

Product Name Academic Price
WCOMD Studio US$9,600
Special Price

Product Name Object Product Price Note
WCOMD Studio UC-win/WCOMD Ver.2 $3,400 Special price for maintenance contract user

Price of Maintenance- Subscription Contract

Product Name Subscription cost of first year Subscription cost of
subsequent years (annual cost)
WCOMD Studio Free $1,800

Subscription Floating 40% of the product price 
Subscription USB 40% of the product price 
Subscription NetPRO  Net PRO Ver.5 (includes NetUPDATE Ver.5): USD940 plus subscription fee at 40% of the product price.
WAN Activation License  Net PRO WAN Ver.5 (includes NetUPDATE WAN Ver.5): USD1,140 plus subscription fee at 80% of the product price.

Price of Rental License/Floating License

Rental License
Applicable product 1month 2month 3month 6month
WCOMD Studio  $3,600  $4,800  $5,760  $7,200 

Floating License
Applicable product 1month 2month 3month 6month
WCOMD Studio  $6,360  $8,400  $10,080  $12,600 

Product Operation Environment

OS Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
*Work in both of 32bit OS and 64bit OS
It works by OS provided 32bit emulation technology in 64bit OS.
CPU (Required) Greater than intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or the one having the same performance
(Recommended) Highest possible performance CPU (Ex. Core i7 series)
Required Memory
(including OS)
Greater than 4GB RAM is recommended (varies according to analysis models and analysis steps).
Required Disk
Greater than 350 MB for installation, few MB to tens of GB for calculation (varies according to analysis models and analysis steps)
Display (Image Resolution) More than 1280 x 800, color number 32bit
Please use a default setting for a property of a screen and normal size (96) for a DPI setting.
File Export CSV, DXF/DWG

Version Upgrade History

The version upgrade and revision upgrade (without charge) contents are listed as following.

WCOMD Studio
Version Release date Updated Contents
1.1.0 16/01/17
  1. The strain based design concepts as specified in the Japan Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures 2012, Design. This involves calculating and checking the deviatoric strain and normalised cumulative strain energy and using these as damage indicators.
  2. It is now possible to start multiple instances of the application and run calculations simultaneously.
  3. Input of the unreinforced concrete C setting in the RC plate section editor has been improved.
  4. An extension was made to the failure criteria result reporting.
  5. Some improvements were made to the view control commands that controls model rotate or movement.
  6. A function (button) was added for the input table editors that automatically adjusts the width of a column.
  7. The operation to show/hide groups has been improved.
1.0.2 11/07/16
  1. A function to select nodes or elements in group has been added.
  2. The order sorting of primitive has been enhanced.
  3. CSV export has been improved.
1.0.1 23/05/16
  1. Addition of a command to mirror selected elements and nodes and to move them to their mirror's position.
  2. Addition of a command to change the size of arrows or the threshold value considered as the same coordinates.
1.00.00 11/04/16 Newly released

Development history of previous version
Order/Contact us

Order : Please contact Version up Center [vc@forum8.co.jp]

Contact us : Please contact us [forum8@forum8.co.jp]
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