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To get trial version, complete the application form for trial version and send it to FORUM8.
Application Form for Trial Version Download

Additional sample data download Additional sample data explanation
Category Sample model File name Size
City/Traffic Urban space sample model toshi1-30301.exe 155,607KB
Improvement plan model infront of station toshi2-30301.exe 79,481KB
Road/Bridge Kushimoto bridge model douro1-30301.exe 89,052KB
Nikko Utsunomiya road model douro2-30301.exe 110,637KB
douro3-30301.exe 112,632KB
Bridge installation plan model douro4-30301.exe 24,554KB
Mountain road disaster model saigai1-30301.exe 67,744KB
Drive control on road model saigai2-30301.exe 49,460KB
The tunnel which compounded model saigai3-30301.exe 34,275KB

Actual examples demonstration model list

It is available to check input operations of new data creation and case example by Trial Version.

Restriction function
The evaluation version has the following functional restriction.
-Although change of input data is possible, preservation and export cannot be performed.
-Calculation will become impossible if the model created newly and input data are changed.

<Sample Data>
Loading the sample data, "Sample[QueueLengths CourseProbability TraffficSinkSource].rd", you can perform simulations, driving on road, flight and so on
( Fake Lighting,Traffic Generation,MD3 Character).

How to use
This program is an application software for 32 bit Windows and can work on the Windows NT / 2000 platform.
We recommend you use it in the suitable hardware requirement if possible.
After download, execute each file and expand all of files in the same directory.
Double click [Setup.exe] to execute setup on Windows Explorer.