FORUM8 Design Festival 2018-3Days+Eve
Date: Nov. 13, 2018 (Eve), 14-16 (3Days) / Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall
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Tue. Nov. 13 Eve    Wed. Nov. 14 Day1   Thu. Nov. 15 Day2   Fri. Nov. 16 Day3

Application of VR Technologies Getting More Mature, with "Society 5.0" Society in Consideration
Course of the Next Generation Appearing with Keywords of Automated Driving and Huge Disaster

Forum8 held "FORUM8 Design Festival 2018-3Days+Eve" at Shinagawa Intercity Hall for 4 days from November 13 to 16 (with 13th as the Eve of the Festival at Shinagawa Inter City Hall Foyer).
"Design Festival" was held for the first time in fiscal 2009 by integrating several events that had been held separately into a form continuing for 3 days in the autumn season every year. Since 2015, it has been carried out as it is now with the Eve in which visitors can contact FORUM8’s latest technologies through attractions.
The Design Festival of this year is designed for proposing diverse kinds of systems, advanced technologies, and services based on 3D-VR (three-dimensional virtual reality). Following the Eve, the Festival was proceeded with lectures and presentations that composed "the 19th UC-win/Road Conference (VR Conference)", "the 11th International VR Symposium", and "the 12th Design Conference"; open judging and award-giving ceremonies for "the 17th 3D-VR Simulation Contest on Cloud", "the 6th Cloud Programming World Cup (CPWC)", "the 8th Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud (VDWC)", "the 4th Junior Software Seminar" and "the 5th National Resilience Design Award (NaRDA)"; and presentation and author lectures on new publication. At the award-giving ceremonies of CPWC, VDWC, and the Junior Software Seminar, Mr. Patrick Harlan appeared as a special guest, who acts as MC of the TV program provided by FORUM8, making the event even more lively than before with dialogues with the MC, Mr. Yuji Abe.

Rich Know-how over More Than 30 Years and Diverse Solutions Based on 3D VR

The Eve was composed of various menus under the theme of "Japanese entertainment space", such as a live showcase of black-and-white drawings, live performance of flower arrangement fused with performance of Shakuhachi and Koto, as well as Japanese dance and Ninja performance harmonized with sound and image expression produced by DJ ONI. Along with VR-based experience corners, menus were elaborated to entertain both domestic and foreign customers.
On Day1 of Design Festival, "Automated Driving Conference" was held from the morning to the first half of the afternoon part to start "the 19th UC-win/Road Conference". Guest greetings were followed by 5 lectures on automated-driving-related policies and global trends by the persons in charge belonging to the concerned 4 departments and agencies of the government, and “Presentation on Virtual Reality Design Studio UC-win/Road” by FORUM8, which supports researches in the concerned field.
In The second part of the afternoon, prize announcement and the award-giving ceremony of "the 17th 3D-VR Simulation Contest on Cloud" were held. Prior to this, 10 works had been nominated out of all the entries, and prizes were decided through the popular vote using VR-Cloud® (from Nov. 2 to 11) and the main judgment meeting for the contest (on Nov. 13).
Finally, three latest publications of FORUM8 Publishing were presented: "Learning Information engineering through VR", "System Development for Super-smart Society", and "Small Talk about FEM (I. Math Essay, II. Miscellaneous Essay)" with lectures of individual authors, followed by a network party designed also for introducing the new publications.
The first half of the morning part of Day2 started with a special lecture for "the 19th UC-win/Road Conference". The second half was allocated to the final presentations by the entry teams of "the 6th CPWC" (6 works nominated previously out of the entries) and "the 8th VDWC" (11 works nominated previously out of the entries) and the final open judgment for them.
In the first half of the afternoon part, the special lecture was given for "the 4th State of the Art Technologies Expression Association / Latest Technology Art Session", followed by announcement of "the 2nd Hakura Award" and introduction of "the Expression Technology Test". Subsequently, "the 11th International VR Symposium" was held in which the "World 16" members (12 participants) made presentations on the research results of the summer workshop (held at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand in July 2018) etc. Based on this, explanation was made on our product development related to respective studies.
In the second half of the afternoon part, announcement of prizes and the award-giving ceremonies for "the 6th CPWC", "the 8th VDWC", and "the 4th Junior Software Seminar" were held. The day was concluded by the network party, similarly to Day1.
In the last day of the Design Festival (Day3), the special lectures and presentations on related solutions of FORUM8 was given for "the 12th Design Conference" <IM&VR/i-Construction session> from the morning part to the first half of the afternoon part. In the second half of the afternoon part, announcement of the prizes and the award-giving ceremony were held for "the 5th NaRDA" (9 nominated works from entries had been judged finally by judges on Nov. 13th).
During the period of the Festival, display of various types of VR-linked systems and book sales were also done in the foyer.
Contents of each event and session are described above.
(Written by Takashi Ikeno)

Seminar Report

シミュレーション 動的非線形解析 構造解析/断面 橋梁下部工 仮設工 上下水道/河川 CALS/CAD 耐震診断/補強 建築設計 サポート/サービス ASPサービス 橋梁上部工 基礎工 道路土工 地盤解析 維持管理 鋼橋設計 UC-1ツールズ 紹介プログラム