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FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

FORUM8 is awarded the "2023 CRM Best Practice Award Continuation Award" following last year

- "Customer Centric Information Management Model" has been highly evaluated -

FORUM8 Co., Ltd. (2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. President Yuji Ito. URL: has been awarded the "2023 CRM Best Practice Award" by the CRM Association Japan in October 2023. The Awards Ceremony will be held at Tokyo American Club in Minato-ku, Tokyo on November 8th.

This award is distributed to only those who incorporate the most appropriate CRM-oriented practices to set model examples in Japan to reach the goal of "customer-centric relationship management". FORUM8 has won the Best Practice Award for 9 times, and of these 9 awards, the last 6 awards that FORUM8 won including the award FORUM8 won this year are Continuation Awards to be specific. This year, the Publishing team in the System Sales Group worked on improving customer relationships and expanding the approach range. These activities were highly evaluated as "Customer Centric Information Management Model".

FORUM8 has established the company-wide CRM system through challenge to CRM activities in many departments to encourage each employee to promote CX improvement from the customer's perspective. In the future, by further developing these systems by promoting DX, we will strengthen our ability to respond to customer issues more.

[Background of Award 2023]

Publishing Team, System Sales Group
Each employee promotes company-wide activities aimed at improving CX from the customer's perspective and continues to deliver high-quality products that anticipate customer needs. While changing the responsible department every year, the company strives to thoroughly instill CRM awareness in all organizations throughout the company. This year, the publishing team, which will be responsible for future company-wide CRM activities, conducted CRM activities through information management. The company provides not only its own information, but also the latest market and technology information needed by its customers through a variety of media, and contributes to strengthening relationships with existing customers and expanding the scope of its approach by communicating with them to hear their opinions, requests, and issues.

[2015] "A Fusion Model Bridging between Advanced Technologies and Customer Needs"
System Sales Group

[2016] "Service system transition model such as subscription" General Affairs Network

[2017] "Enhanced model of dialogue between developers and industry stakeholders"
Development Department

[2018] "Personnel system linked CRM model" Personnel Department

[2019] "Overseas development model by cultivation of potential customers"
International Sales Department

[2020] "A model for creating the future of the region through VR" Regional Sales Office

[2021] "Customer Cultivation and Remote Sales Model" Tokyo HQ Secretary's Office

[2022] "User-oriented, pre-shipment quality improvement model" TEST Team, UC-1 Development Group 1

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