With the growing desire for society to build lasting structures that can withstand the tests of disasters, NaRDA was established in 2014 to recognize those who are taking action. Focusing on many diferent diciplines from civil engineering, to hydrolic engineering, and disaster prevention. These contributions will be awarded and will become a key source of information and technical study for the future.

Results Announcement

After careful consideration by juries, Grand Prix, 2nd Prize, and 3 Honorable Judge Award have been selected.
On November 20th 2020, the Awards Ceremony was held at Intercity Hall and Online.

Awards Ceremony (Nov. 20th 2020 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall and Online)

  • Grand Prix

    Nihon Suiko Consultant Co.,Ltd

    Comparison of seismic test result by using 2D and 3D model of existing water tank
    -Validity of analysis and verification in different models-

    Engineer's Studio®

    2D section models are often used for designing water tank structure, but the validity of the models are sometimes unreliable when the shape is complex or the size is unique. In this work, the test is conducted by using 2D section models as usual at first. After that, as a proposal, 3D models using plate element same as the actual structure are created and analyzed to compare the results between 2D model and 3D model.
  • 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)

    Naigai Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Seismic performance test using observed seismic motion
    -Seismic performance test for headworks and comparison of damage-

    Engineer's Studio®

    With the increasing demands for seismic test and seismic countermeasure in recent years, it is necessary to understand the degree of lack of seismic performance of each facility in order to determine the necessity and priority of seismic measures among many facilities. At that time, the assessment based on the actual situation will result in the efficient seismic measure and cost reduction. Although seismic design methods have been established for various construction types, there are few test records on the damage to headworks. This report is an example of verifying the seismic performance of the headworks by using actual observed seismic motion and comparing the consistency of damage status between the actual damage situation and the test result.
  • Honorable Judge Award
    CAD for Construction Award (Mr. Hiromichi Yoshikawa)

    Sanpoh Co.,LTD

    Rebar interference check using reverse T-type abutment CIM model
    -Using detail level 400 CIM model-


    These days, the seismic design has been proceeded, and the amount of rebar to build RC structure is increasing. However, drawings used for civil engineering structure design and construction are mainly created in 2D, and it sometimes causes problems such as interferences at unexpected places during assembling rebars or coarse aggregate not passing at the time of concrete placement. To solve these issues, at the designing step of bridge substructure construction, 3D CIM models are created based on 2D drawings with the purpose of creating basic materials to understand interferences at complex rebar positions and to review the treatment of interference during assembly.
  • Honorable Judge Award
    Urban Flood Prevention Award (Prof. Masaru Morita)

    Civil Engineering and Information Technology Consultants Inc.

    Flood analysis in urban area
    -Assesment on flooding analysis of rainwater outflow and review of countermeasure-


    Recently, we often suffer from abnormal weather exceeding the rain-fall intensity that is said to happen once in decades, and there are a lot of floodings occur in various places. This work shows a rainwater flooding analysis at urban areas by using the formula of rainfall intensity with the return period 1/30.
    In addition, considering the analysis result of the current condition, a case with multiple countermeasures is reviewed and assessed. The analysis is conducted in 1D (river) and 2D (plane).
  • Honorable Judge Award
    Urban Development Project Award (Mr. Akihiko Wakai)

    Geo Formation

    Influence of construction near railroad
    -Ground transformation analysis and review of countermeasure-

    Geo Engineer's Studio

    Before lowering the ground by 1.3m which consists of about 18m thick layer of clay and silt and is next to the station platform, the ground transformation analysis is performed to check whether the displacement amount is within tolerance (6mm) or not. Since the cut without countermeasure results in NG, 4 countermeasures are set. The effect of deformation suppression is tested for the case1 earth retaining work, case2 ground improvement, case3 underground continuous wall, and case4 steel pipe sheet pile. As a result, it became clear that the case4 is excellent in deformation suppression and is economical.
  • Nomination Award

    Sanei Sekkei

    3D FEM beam model of a water treatment facility
    -Model a cylinder-shape tank with beam and perform a section test-

    Engineer's Studio®

    An L2 seismic test is executed for a cylinder shaped tank. After calculating the seismic force by the seismic coefficient method, the RC section is checked by the limit state design method.
    The slab and side wall of the tank are modeled with beam elements (Mφ), and concentrated ground springs are set on them.
    The test proves the safety of ultimate bending and ultimate shear against the L2 earthquake.
  • Nomination Award

    Aratani Civil Engineering Consultants CO.,LTD.

    Seismic measure for continuous girder bridge using existing seismic bearing
    -Additional seismic measure for continuous girder bridge-

    Engineer's Studio®

    The bridge reviewed in this work is the post-tension-type 6-span T-girder bridge designed based on the 1994 Specifications for Highway Bridges. Since it was designed relatively recently, the rubber bearing with lead plug, i.e. seismic isolation bearing is used for the support. However, the result of the seismic performance test based on the current standard shows NG. This data reviews additional measures to meet the verification by using the existing seismic bearing.
  • Nomination Award

    Epoch Design

    Dynamic Ground Analysis on Tunnel
    -Seismic response analysis on pit and seismic test on lining-


    The pit mouth tends to be a structural weak point since it is covered with thin soil and is easily affected by sliding force from the hillside. In this work, the ground seismic response analysis was carried out to inspect the cross section of the lining part. RO models considering the non-linearity of soil is used for the response analysis, and the parameter identification analysis is carried out for the strain dependence of soil like the standard model of sandy soil decided by the PWRI. The input seismic motion is 3 waves of L2 type 1 and 3 waves of type 2 defined in the Seismic Design part of the Specifications for Highway Bridges. The lining part can be divided into the arch, side wall, and invert. Each section is modeled as a rebar concrete section by using the ES Section and the curvature test and shear strength check were conducted.

Historical Awards

Our level of competition is increasing every year as we see projects and works from various fields in structural analysis, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, disaster prevention and risk assesment.

  • 6th Grand Prix

    Akita Prefectural University

    A User-Friendly Steel Measuring Technology
    Program:Engineer's Studio®
    In countries that experience earthquakes with a chance of being greater than siesmic intensity 6 it is vital to design structures that can withstand these forces. Designing the building so that it can absorb and disperse this energy. In order to evaluate and analyze the soundness of steel structures this simple measurement tool was created. Especially in Japan where earthquakes like the Great East Japan Earthquake can occur at anytime. This report describes the results of analysis and enables accurate predictions from new sensors.
  • 6th 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)

    F-tech Inc.

    Flood Analysis in Mountainous Regions
    The currently used flood hazard maps for rivers were being reviewed and re-created nationwide, but the current guidelines for creating these hazard maps are limited due to the fact that the rivers and lakes model is being applied to mountainous rivers. This has failed to fill the gap in some of the niche mountain rivers, creating flood and hazard maps that may not be accurate. The data for mamixmum flood potential and maximum flood depth has been overlapped further leading to possible innacuarcies. This report covers the real phenomenom of mountainous river flooding and provides models for analysis.
Historical Grand Prix

Prizes / Awards

  • Grand Prix(The highest award)

    Trophy, Certificate, Special Prize(High-spec PC, Portable SSD, etc.), Amazon Gift Cards

  • 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)

    Certificate, Prize(High-spec PC, Portable SSD, etc.), Amazon Gift Cards

  • Honorable Judge Award

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  • Nomination Award

    Podium, Library NEXT gift card


※Prize details will be released once this year's have been decided.


Event Schedule
Deadline for Application

Friday October 16th, 2020

Nomination Screening

Friday, October 23rd, 2020
FORUM8 Tokyo Head Office

Award Winning Selection

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020
FORUM8 Tokyo Head Office

Announcement and Award Ceremony

Friday November 20th, 2020
Shinagawa InterCity Hall

FORUM8 Design Festival 2020
7th National Resilience Design Award Ceremony

  • ChairHiromichi Yoshikawa

    Honorary Professor, Tokyo City University

    Waseda University's Faculty of Science and Engineering Graduate with a specialization in Construction. Doctorate of contruction engineering. Specializes in seismic design, earthquake risk, and reinforced concrete. Recepient of JSCE awards, and the author of 7 books.

  • Masaru Morita

    Vice President, Shibura Institute of Tech./ Professor, Urban Envr. Eng. Lab, Department of Civil Eng., Faculty of Eng.

    Professor of the Shibaura Institute of Technology's department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. Specializes in urban hydrology, groundwater hydrology, and flood risk management. Author of "Groundwater Talks - The Crisis of Invisible Resources" (Iwanami Shinsho).

  • Akihiko Wakai

    Professor, Gunma University Graduate School of Science and Engineering

    Professor of Gunma University's Graduate School of Environmental Physiology and Engineering. Specializes in disaster prevention, earth and foundationional disasters, etc. Research on computer-based phenomenon prediction, mechanisms for extreme weather/major earthquakes, and disaster mitigation measures.

Application Details and Application Method
Application Criteria / Submission Requirements

Content that directly or indirectly contributes to the overall improvement to national resilience, similar but not limited to disaster prevention and mitigation, rational design methods, BCP, and risk management.

Mandatory Requirements
1.Title and subtitle of work: 20-40 characters
2.Outline of work: 150-200 characters
3.Poster:A1A1 landscape (Purpose/contents are simply described)
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Friday, October 16th, 2020
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