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Case example of UC-win/Road Driving Simulator
"Human Intaracting Information-Vehicle-Traffic Flow Interoperable Simulation System"

Product details
FORUM8 offered the driving simulator for advanced studies "Human Interacting Information-Vehicle-Traffic Flow Interoperable Simulation System" to Kyushu University Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences on March 22, 2012. Education and research activities of next generation of information and control of vehicles will be promoted.

This is a driving simulation system in which driving simulator, traffic flow simulator, vehicle movement simulator, HILS/ECU emulator and viewpoint eyetracker etc. are linked by an integration of virtual reality UC-win/Road.
It enables an impossible vehicle experiment (accident and congestion, etc.) in the test track as an experimental environment of an mobile system of the research and development process (real machine). It enables advanced use in a wide field, operation support system, the next generation of car navigation, ITS contents, traffic infrastructure effect forecast, accident reconstruction, and those who drive characteristic analysis, etc.

Hardware adopts the motion platform for six degree of freedom 0.7G.

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  Function and characteristic
Kyushu University
"Human Interacting Information-Vehicle-Traffic Flow Interoperable Simulation System
Real car part type drive simulator for 6 axis motion 5 channels
Offered in March, 2012

▲Unveiling party of Human Interacting Information-Vehicle-Traffic Flow Interoperable Simulation System
(March 23, 2012/Location: Kyushu University)

●Overview of driving simulator

Type 6 axes 5 channel Driving simulator
Model name PR-R-5-55-AW-AT-200-6X
Power 3相 220VAC 15kw 50/60Hz
Weight Driver's seat cabin: 230kg
Monitor assembly: 21.6kg×5
Motion platform: 600kg

■Movement Performance Specification

The following table shows the movement performance specification of the motion platform.
Item Numerical value Unit
Range of motion Surge(Back and front) ±220 mm
Sway(Right and left) ±190 mm
Heave(Up and down) ±197 mm
Roll ±20 deg
Pitch ±25 deg
Yaw ±18 deg
Maximal velocity Surge(Back and front) ±400 mm/sec
Sway (Right and left) ±400 mm/sec
Heave (Up and down) ±400 mm/sec
Maximal acceleration Surge(back and front) ±0.7 G
Sway (Right and left) ±0.7 G
Heave(Up and down) ±0.7 G
Weight 600 kg
Power supply equipment capacity 3 相 AC200V 15kVA

■ Feature of system

  • 10 screens of cluster configuration
  • Motion platform for 6 degree of freedom 0.7G
  • Linked with HILS
  • Linked with traffic simulator
  • Linked with viewpoint eyetracker

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