UC-win/Road  Ver.7.01.00 (Release May 15, 2012)
Related Information UC-win/Road Ver.7 (Up&Coming '12 Spring Issue)

  Supports horizontal curve of railroad

  • UC-win/Road has the ability to design road’s horizontal curve using IP method. On top of that it has been added an ability to design cubic parabola commonly used in railroad’s horizontal curve and transition curve with half the length of sine wave, from the turning point.

  AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 (32bit / 64bit) has been supported.

  Enhanced off road driving function

  • A car that has once gone off the road can now rejoin traffic on the road and still be recognized by other vehicles on the road.

  Sky texture was added.

  • 8 kinds of textures for sky dome (Function to render a sky inside of the sphere) has been added.

  Option for road generation has been added.

  • Option to select a road regenerated on a road plate drawing when generating a road has been added. The road selected in this option is only regenerated to the road currently displayed which is not draft mode, so the work efficiency when editing will be greately improved.
   UC-win/Road Ver.7.00.00 (Release April 12, 2012)
Related Information UC-win/Road Ver.7 (Up&Coming '12 Spring Issue)

  Cluster Option (price on application)

  • This system is a system that can synchronize two or more PC and output the image to a lot of monitors.
    It becomes possible to secure the constant performance without an influence from the number of channels.
Flow of every flame  Synchronization of cloth, fire,
smoke, traffic vehicle and snow

   3D Model Output Plug-in (price on application)

  • This is a plug-in to file output terrain, 3D model, road and tree etc. in 3ds format.
    This function outputs all models of geographical features in 3D space of UC-win/Road and the model, etc. in an arbitrary 3D model data format.
    For example, it will be possible to use it with various editors and tools such as 3ds Max by outputting it in 3ds format.
    Output Target : Terrain, 3D model, road, tree (2D), road attachment (sign, tree, marking etc.).

  Off Road Function

  • The driving simulation of the vehicle is possible with a steering wheel controller, game controller and keyboard in UC -win/Road. However, you can drive only on the road, and when starting coming off from the road, you'll be compulsorily returned to correct driving line. Moreover, the driving simulation cannot be performed in the state that the road is not generated.

    This limitation was removed in UC-win/Road Ver.7, and it came to be able to drive anywhere freely in the VR space. It is possible to drive by getting off straight on terrain while driving on the road and also possible to begin to drive from the position by setting "Start point of driving" to an arbitrary position on terrain.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Setting of
the beginning point of driving
Image of running in off-road

  xpswmm plug-in has been expanded.

  • Presentation function of simulation result of tsunami and flood has been enhanced.
Reflection and inflection
of tsunami's water surface
A few seconds later
from tsunami (Contour figure)

  Video card manufactured by ATI has been supported.

  • So far, the video card manufactured by NVIDIA is recommended for UC-win/Road, but the video card manufactured by AVI has been supported formally. It can be confirmed that most functions operate normally.

  Sidra plug-in

  • It came to be able to do the import of the design data of latest version (Sidra Intersection 5.1) of intersection design software Sidra by revision of the Sidra plug-in. As a result, importing the shape, the section, the traffic signal control, and the traffic quantity etc. of the intersection designed by latest Sidra will be possible.

  Improvement of Rendering of Sky

  • The phenomenon that the texture of a sky is not drawn properly has been improved by the support of a video card manufactured by ATI.

  Function Expansion for CarSim

  • Version 7 is applied to the vehicle movement simulation using the set value of road friction coefficient μ.