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Using Architectural IT Technology to Redevelop and Rennovate a Japanese Jokamachi (lit. Castle Town) -
Build Live Japan2015 Public Viewing and Exhibit Report

Between September 9th and 12th, a fun urban renewal project was held at the Kitsuki City, in Oita Prefecture, Japan. Kitsuki is home to the Kitsuki Castle with a jokamachi in its neighbourhood. Demands to redevelop and rennovate the region without damaging the historical landscape gave birth to the "Build Live Japan 2015" design competition (Sponsored by IAI Japan), through advanced architectural IT technologies.

The jokamachi currently has 12 empty lots available, and theme of the competition was to leverage on these empty lots to design buildings or facilities that properly blend into the surrounding landscape though BIM technologies. A total of 12 teams that consisted of more than 170 technicians and student designers all over Japan entered the competition and submitted their designs to compete

September 19th, and 20th was the public viewing days for the projects. Each team would put up panels or posters to explain the concepts and logics behind their submissions, while being individually interviewed for the difficulties they have encountered. Furthermore, all local residents of the jokamachi were welcomed into the venue and public voting was held to determine the ultimate winner of "Kitsuki Award". The results of which were announced on October 23, during the "ArchiFuture 2015".

FORUM8 assumed the role of technological support for the competition. Precisely, FORUM8 provided the information on using the VR-Cloud to view 3D data via the internet, and the freedom to navigate through the virtual space created, via the Oculus Rift VR head mounted display, as well as many solutions. During the 2 days of the public viewing, a Skype meeting was set up by FORUM8 to allow each team to use the UC-win/Road software to describe and explain their projects.

Each team also uploaded and played their own concept videos produced by Lumion, to condense the most important points in their designs. Each team must organize a list of 5-12 main important features of their design and demonstrate the rationales behind them through UC-win/Road and prepare for an interview of no less than 30 minutes. 

Maeda Corporation's team "Skunkworks" was highly praised for its beautiful videos and high precision data production, indeed the work of professionals. The student teams on the other hand are also not to be taken lightly - for example, the Tokyo City Universtiy who has been attending every single one of such design competitions in Japan, sent out the "Farmer's Stay" team who promotoed numerous cozy ideas that truly inspire people to inhabitat the city and call it home forever. The flurry of innovative ideas astounded the Kituki City Hall staffs, who has been observing the whole process. Also, the youngest team from Miyakojima Technical Senior High School of Osaka Prefecture's presentation deeply excited the audiences as well.

During the afternoon of the second day of the public viewing, the mayor of Kitsuki, Mr. Nagamatsu, attended the student interveiw sessions. He also showed interest in each team's demonstration panels and tried out the Oculus Rift himself, and has expressed deep satisfaction over the importance of involving local residents in designing a better habitat. He also claimed he will take away all of the data created and seriously evaluate each one of them with eveyone in the City Hall, and would host more of such competitions to involve more citizens in the future. The entire public viewing was broadcasted over Ustream by enthusiastic locals, indicating how the event was well-received. 


VDWC/CPWC Preliminary Round Results Announced!
Judging Conducted During The 6th Summer Workshop


In June 30, 2015, the 6th International VR Symposium Summer Workshop was held. At the same time, the VDWC and CPWC preliminary round judgment was also held at the same day, with a handful of teams nominated for the next round of the competition. 

48 teams (11 Japan, 37 overseas) have been nominated for the 5th Virtual Design World Cup on Cloud (sponsored by VDWC Executive Committee) preliminary round, and 14 teams (3 Japan, 11 overseas) have been nominated for the 3rd Cloud Programming World Cup (sponsored by CPWC Executive Committee). 

■5th BIM and VR Design World Contest on Cloud Preliminary Nomination
Team Country Title
Aloha China The Design of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan
Power Design Rangers Japan Keelung Bay Bridge
Armigas China Galaxy
ACElite China The integration of the Keelung Station Area
Urban Environment Design Japan Goricity
Cool Kids China Weave city
Day After Tomorrow Taiwan Sea, You, Keelung
HASH Japan intersection
Challenge China The 5th Virtual Design World Cup
Underground Presidential Palace Taiwan A better Keelung・ well prepared for the world
O.R.T. China Fabulous Port of Future
TO-Fu II Japan Sky Island(Magic Float)
Rocket China Vision
Dream of transportation China Ocean square construction plan
Penta-Planning Taiwan KeelunGO!
K & K Taiwan Flourishing Keelung
開拓者達 Japan Forest Fairyland
DTCS Taiwan Unmatched Keelung
Rece Terrace Japan Tourist instruction to the green space with the pier sidewalk and View simulation
The Magic Team China EMARA(Easy Mobility and Reactive Area)
Team Pip Taiwan Redevelopment of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan
O‐CAN Taiwan Green Station
Wonderwall Taiwan Hai Hai Keelung
Beyond The Champion China Port of Sky
UTC-DIAN Vietnam New Keelung Arterial Plan
Black Coffee Japan Design a peculiar information of remote location
Baozou Taiwan Reef Flow 
Arch-nimal Taiwan Bio-port
JIZ Taiwan Wave Wave
UPL-2015 Japan Ji Long 3R(Reactivation Regeneration Recreation)
4-t-W Japan BIGLOCAL
Invincible Brave China Nature and Harmonious
Re : Venge Japan Hand to Hand
L and I Taiwan So much water so close to home
Team YMCE Japan Global Diversity & Inclusion of Human Society
HWL department of architecture student Taiwan NEW DELIGHTED PLAN IN PORT
TH 001 Taiwan Memory of Island
Patch Taiwan Self-organization Patch
NUU_CLL Taiwan Rhythm
NUU_CWL Taiwan Rainy harbor Trip Stack
APPLE Taiwan Lifeline
Fish into the territory Taiwan Fish into the territory
Light rain hills Taiwan Light rain hills
NAT Taiwan Bathing culture
The Group Of C&C Taiwan Dao of Fog Ryhthm
Pole China The design of a tourist boulevard and surroundings

■3rd Student Cloud Programming World Cup (CPWC) Preliminary Nomination
Team Country Title
Human@ China Incorporating physiological model and psychological model in the virtual reality simulation
Great Sword China Air Drive
Root China A Better Taxi Stream in the City
NTUCAE Taiwan Development of Virtual Reality Motion Sensing Driver Simulator
Ms. Yummy Japan Driver Assist Game for Women -You will be a beautiful driver-
CLAYMORE China The navigator with real-time optimal path selection plugin
O.R.T. China Movable video wall
One piece Korea Notification of safety distance and velocity of preceding car in heavy fog weather on display screen.
SILCreate China Navigation and Information Display of 3D Models Based on UC-win/Road and Kinect
90UOS Korea Notification of safety when passing car on two lane road through On Screen Display
LazyVR Taiwan VR Treadmill with UC-win/Road
Kookmin Korea Automated vehicles with ADAS(advanced driver assistance system)
Pocket Lab Japan Trip to Virtual Reality on HMD
WindChaser China Anywhere Voice Door
SDL Japan Emulation system of driver’s own driving

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