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  14. VR data of the contest target site for the 9th VDWC NEW !   <No.126. 2019 Summer issue>
  13. VR data of the contest target site for the 8th VDWC   <No.122. 2018 Summer issue>
  12. The 6th CPWC and The 8th VDWC Overview   <No.121. 2018 Spring issue>
  11. Arcbazar   <No.120. 2018 New Year issue>
  10. The 5th CPWC and The 7th VDWC Overview   <No.117. 2017 Spring issue>
  9. Arcbazar+ProjectVR Final Results of Obama Presidential Center Competition!!   <No.114. 2016 Summer issue>
  8. The 4th CPWC and The 6th VDWC Overview   <No.113. 2016 Spring issue>
  7. VDWC / CPWC Final Results Annouced!
Final Judgment and Award Ceremony were held during Design Festival2015-3Days
  <No. 112. 2016 New Year issue>
  6. VDWC/CPWC Preliminary Round Results Announced!   <No.111. 2015 Fall issue>
  5. Discussion of image from model creation to how to make an presentation
Virtual Design World Cup, Workshop Vol.2 and 3
  <No.93. 2011 late fall issue>
  4. 3D Physical Model&VR System / Sample model of distributing reservoir   <No.91. 2011 Fresh green leaves issue>
  3. Student BIM&VR Design Contest / Case Study of 3D Drawing Service etc.   <No.90. 2011 early spring issue>
  2. 3D modeling service / 3D scan VR modeling service   <No.89. 2011 new year issue>
1. The latest topic of 3D scan modeling service
BIM&VR solution catalogue /Student BIM Contest
<No.88. 2010 late fall issue>

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