Vol.  33
Arcbazar, a crowdsourcing website for architecture design competition.
Registered designers can participate in competitions around the world.

Forum8 has entered into a business alliance agreement with Arcbazar, the company based on Massachusetts and operates an architectural design competition crowdsourcing website. Arcbazar was founded by Imdat As in 2010, who has received Master of Architecture at MIT and Ph.D at Harvard Graduate School of Design. He and Arcbazar was selected to be one of the 100 Top Brilliant Companies in Entrepreneur Magazine 2014.

Against a backdrop of this business agreement, Forum8 will assist in the popularization of Arcbazar in the Asian market and will support the actual projects and design competitions. "Project VR", the fusion of "Online Simple Self-Assessment Support website" which supports environmental assessment by utilizing VR simulation and own developed cloud-based consensus solutions VR-Cloud® is in cooperation with Arcbazar now, and "Arcbazar support services" also started.

Designers who registered in Arcbazar can apply to competitions all over the world.
Awards are distributed to designers who provided top proposals.

■Architecture design crowdsourcing website Arcbazar
Account can be created by new registration on the Arcbazar website for free. If you were a designer, enter your profile after activating via email. Once you complete the registration, you can participate in competitions. ■HP: https://www.arcbazar.com/

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Everybody can hold an architecture and design competition to collect ideas from designers all over the world. Clients write project description and decide schedule and awards.

The period of competition is decided by the client according to the project's size and other factors. It may be for one week for competitions requiring basic ideas, and for three month for long and large competitions. The client can get design proposals at low cost compared with the existing ways of getting designs.

Designers in fields of architecture, interior, garden etc. can participate in competitions regardless of career. They who registered on Arcbazar can access all posted competitions and can submit own proposals. After submission deadline, the host evaluates each proposals and decides the top three favorite designs. Then, Arcbazar distributes rewards to the three designers.

The competitions are held of all sizes across several areas such as renovation, gardening, interior design, home design, and commercial or public building designs. Currently, there have been a total of more than 5,000 projects registered, and a total of more than 15000 designers registered. Since designer data and project data can be obtained in the website, Arcbazar is exceptional as a crowdsourcing and networking website.

A contact function from clients to local designers is planned to be added. We recommend designers to register with "Arcbazar" on this occasion.

In addition, we will hold seminars on Arcbazar and UC-win/Road in Japan, Korea, and China, inviting the CEO of Arcbazar, Mr. Imdat As. We look forward to seeing you there.

Arcbazar & UC-win/Road Asia Seminar

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