BIM&VR 3DVR Engineering News Vol.4 2011. 3.

The latest news of 3D drawing service / 3D modeling service / 3D scan VR modeling service

"Student BIM&VR Design Contest" the competition of the advanced architectural civil design will be held!

Bridge Design Award, Architectural City Design Award Extra prize:1,000,000 Yen of Scholarship

FORUM8 will hold the 1st Student BIM&VR Design Contest, competition of the advanced architectural and civil design using BIM&VR. The information of application is described below. The award will be announced in November 4, 2011 and the awarded works are exhibited during FORUM8 Design Festival 2011 -3Days (November 15-17, 2011/ Shinagawa Front Building, Tokyo). Through this contest, it is expected the new ideas and technology using BIM&VR will be discovered.

Application of the 1st Student BIM&VR Design Contest 2011 On Cloud

Theme: Pedestrian bridge design
  • The judgment is performed on the basis of various design aspects including architectural design , structural design, simulation of landscape, crowd flow, wind analysis, internal landscape evaluation with walk-though, eco friendly design. The participants compete across a wide range of technologies in architecture and civil engineering.

Application Period
  • Application period : Saturday, October 1 - Monday, October 31, 2011[NLT]
    Workshop period : Monday, May 2 - Friday, September 30, 2011

Applicant eligibility
  • All participants of this contest should be students. Only team consisting of students or adult students as well as works created before graduation 2011 will be eligible.

  • The awards including Grand Prix, Excellent Award, Entertainment Award, Encouragement Award, Honorable Judge's Award are determined for each section.
    Grand Prix : Certificate, trophy, 1,000,000 yen of scholarship (In case of multiple winners, it will be divided)
    Grand Prix /Excellent Award : Invitation to the 5th International VR Summer workshop which was held in Santa Barbara, USA in 2010 (the 3rd) and will be held in Pisa, Italy in 2011 (the 4th)(including accommodation/transportation fee)
    Other awards : Notebook computer, digital camera (provisional)

Judging Committee
  • Specialists/researchers in architecture, civil engineering, VR field are scheduled.

Judgement Basis
  • The work should be created using more than two different software solutions of FORUM8. The judgment criterion is based on BIM (Building Information Model) and VR(Virtual Reality).The final submission should be represented in UC-win/Road VR data. The A1 size poster needs to be submitted for the explanation. The project work is evaluated based on the originality, software application, the extent of BIM and VR application in the design stage, time taken, quality, logic, and utilized techniques.

Available Software / Rental Duration
  • The applicants can borrow the software licenses with prior registration. In addition, they can also participate in the training seminar of the product held by FORUM8 (including paid seminar).The following products (Architecture/civil design solution with BIM&VR provided by FORUM8) are available. The required software (UC-win/Road and Allplan) must be used for data creation and other FORUM8's products can be used. As long as the required softwares are used, there will not be restrictions on the use of other softwares.
    [License Free Rental Duration]
    Monday, May 2 - Tuesday, November 30 2011
    *The rental duration, license restrictions and format provided will depend on the individual product.

Case Study of 3D Drawing Service
"3D representation of the damaged points/maintenance condition. Use for maintenance management process."

Case Study of 3D Drawing Service

It shows how to represent the damaged parts and the maintenance condition of the existing structures in 3D using Allplan with case studies of 3D drawing service.
3D CAD with BIM, Allplan

3D Modeling Flow
The structure outline is created through new model creation. In addition, if there are the defects in the concrete, the damaged model (Figure1) is separately created and they are pasted on the appropriate parts as texture with the reference pictures. It allows the representation of the exposed bar including the defects and honeycomb (Figure2a/3a).
Next, represention of the maintenance parts. The maintenance image models are separately created on the damaged parts and they are pasted on the damaged parts (Figure2b/3b).
Figure1: Example of defective area
Figure2a: Damaged diagram1 Figure2b: After maintenance1
Figure3a: Damaged diagram1 Figure3b: After maintenance1

Realistic Representation with 3D Model
The defective area and post-maintenance of 3D model structures are shown below. The each bar is separately modeled and arranged in the exposed part of bars. The reinforcement arrangement and covers can be represented based on the existing final completion. The frames are represented by overlaying the models such as small stone grains one by one (Figure4).

Figure4:Bar exposed image

The color of body, reinforcement and frame can be highlighted in 3D model to represent clearly as well as the representation by the realistic color. In addition, if the structure is under water, it can be represented with water transparent by creating the model and changing its transmission factor. The underground model can be represented by developing it (Figure5/6).

Figure5:Honeycomb image under water Figure6:Enlarged vies of under water

Estimation Samples of 3D Scan Modeling Service
"3D Scan Modeling Service" provides the realistic 3D VR data by importing the point cloud data which is measured with 3D scanner into UC-win/Road.

Process and estimation of point cloud measurement

It requirs a minimum of two points per 100m of road according to the surrounding condition such as terrain data. It takes one hour for preparation, measurement, moving to the next survey point. If there are public reference points, the same measurement type is required. When the measurement accuracy is 20m ahead and the point clouds with 1.5cm of space, the total point clouds are around 4,000,000 points across 100m section.
To measure on the road, it is necessary to submit the permit application to the police department a few days in advance. It occasionally requires an application for using the public survey reference point. We also provide this application service.

3D Scan Modeling
The 300m of standard road in the urban area is measured by 3D scan. It includes the measurement of a public reference point to obtain the coordinate data.
The measurement is performed by the group of two and a traffic control person, including the measurement preparation and post-process of the measured data.
Measurement range 300m
Measurement of public reference point 1 spot
Measurement day 1 day
Measurement preparation,
post-process of point cloud data
2 people for each, total about 0.5 day
Total 133,008Yen

3D VR Modeling
Represents the measured range of point cloud data.
Adjusts the space based on the point cloud (UC-win/Road Estimation, excellent B level). Arranges the roads, 20 buildings along the road, signs, two types of 3D tress, and power poles.
Process of terrain, linear, 3D model, texture 300m (UC-win/Road Standard Estimation)
Modeling of buildings, signs, and plants Creates 20 buildings, 5 types of signs, and 2 types of 3D trees.
Total 358,207Yen

Student BIM Software Modeling Contest in China
"The 2nd National University Thsware Cup" will be held in May.

FORUM8 will co-organize the competition of BIM software modeling for students "The 2nd National Thsware Cup" with our dealer Thsware (Shenzhen Tsinghua Sware Software Hi-Tech Co., Ltd) in Shenzhen, China.

Many applicants for the new "VR Section"

Following the 1st Thsware Cup, we accept the application from students who major in architecture, civil engineering, construction management, construction quantity survey, architectural environment, facility process, energy-saving design in university, college and professional school and the new theme "VR" is added this year. The participants are applying in a group of two to five (from 1 to 5 educators) and the multiple teams can apply from each academic institution.
There are eight application sections : Architectural design software / Construction design and constructional analysis software / Eco design and solar analysis software / Facility design and insulation load software / 3D quantity survey software / Construction quantity survey software / PM (Project Management) and bidding support software / construction process and VR simulation system. A team can participate in maximum 8 sections.
The application and the pre-judgement have started on January 1st, 2011. The application deadline is March 18, and currently more than 100 universities have applied at the end of January and more than 40 have applied for VR section. The works are applied via Internet and the works for final match are selected by public voting and the judge's evaluation based on the judgement rule. To judge fairly, each judge takes charge of the area to which they are assigned.
The final match is scheduled to be held on March 7 and 8, 2011. Each team needs to submit the answers of two provided tasks within the limited time and they are scored by THS-ACS system. This system is the real-time scoring system developed by Thsware for this contest and it features the fairness and transparency. Through this event, it is expected for the students from all of China to experience the design with BIM&VR knowledge and technology.

[Application URL] :

The final match in the 1st contest was held in April 17, 2010 in Qingdao Nongye University, China. The photo shows the excited students in the final match. This event was reported in the local TV news.

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