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Arcbazar+ProjectVR Final Results of Obama Presidential Center Competition!!

Award Ceremony of Arcbazar Obama Presidential Center Competition
Arcbazar is the crowdsourcing website that a client would allow designers in the world to compete for the architecture and design project. FORUM8 has entered into a business alliance agreement with Arcbazar and has started "Arcbazar+ProjectVR - Arcbazar Support Service" which VR and self-assessment are provided along a process of a competition.
In this Arcbazar, the competition of Obama Presidential Center attracted attention. This is the competition of the designing a special library for President Obama. Entries started in February and closed at the end of May, and the final review and the award ceremony were held on June 16th at Builtworlds in Chicago.
296 entries came and 33 works were submitted. Through the public vote by Arcbazar users around the world to select the top 12 works, famous architectures and designers made the reviews of those.

FORUM8 cooperated as a sponsor. Juries from left to right:
Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido, Co-Design Lead with Helmut Jahn of Jahn Architects
Dawn Schuette - FAIA/AIA Board President
Tim Swanson, Cannon Design Office Practice Leader
Kees Kaan, Founding Principal at KAAN Architecten
Andrew Balster, Executive Dir. of Archeworks

VR Simulation Service
FORUM8 acted as a sponsor of this competition and provided a simulation service by ProjectVR. Concretely speaking, VR data around the site was provided at the entry stage, and building models of the top nominated works were presented on VR-Cloud® after the review period.
Applicants (designers) of this competition were in the every regions of the world because this is open to the world. VR data of the site should have been useful for the applicants who could not go to the actual place.
The model data of the top nominated works were integrated in VR so that users and juries could review them realistically and practically through VR-Cloud® Client via PC or Android.
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Site data (Washington Park and Jackson Park)
Designers chose one of them.

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Traffic simulation, walk-through, and fly-through after loading works in VR

Awarded works of Obama Presidential Center >> How to experience on VR-Cloud®
Grand Prix (1st) arc614 Click to enlarge the image.
Zhu Wenyi Atelier from China
A library, a hall, and other functions are scattered about under the circular roof supported by glass. It seems a simple plan at first glance, but it was evaluated as a transparent and democratic proposal.
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2nd arc615 (won also Autodesk Student Award)   3rd arc820 (won also Voters choice)
Austin Scott from United States   Anonymous
Changing the required functions like building blocks, a beautiful structure has been made up.
The research of the vast surrounding environment and the graphics for conveying the design intent are also evaluated.
  V-shaped form like plane wings. Overwhelming expressiveness won the first place of the popular vote.
It seems to be the design just by the Photoshop technique, but space configuration is also well considered.
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VR attracted attention in the exhibition space of the ceremony
In the exhibition space, a lot of people paid attention to the animation created from the data of the top nominated works above by reading in VR space on UC-win/Road. Visitors might feel the possibility of VR such as walk-through and fly-through by the free viewpoint movement and an easy simulation on traffic and crowd, different from the ordinary movie of the architectural presentation which perspective drawings and viewpoints have been fixed

Arcbazar has a democratic and transparent design process in the way that becoming a client is easy and reviews are open for improving the project's quality. VR-Cloud® can also make more rapid and more transparent consensus from the design stage to the construction stage. For this reason, it can be said that Arcbazar and VR-Cloud® have good chemistry and they are the new forms of design and decision-making.
VR presentation on the site

You can see the works and results of the Obama Presidential Center from 'Past Competitions' on Arcbazar (http://www.arcbazar.com/). 'VR-Cloud®' tab is displayed on the pages of the awarded works in addition to images and videos, and from the described a3s address you can browse and experience the works on VR-Cloud®. Be sure to enjoy the top-class architectural designs on VR.

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The site data can be shown by VR-Cloud® on the official site.

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