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China dealer meeting report

FORUM 8 held the China dealer meeting at FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. office on June 4th, 2010. We were pleased that almost all the distributors in China attended the meeting and welcome dinner which was held the day before.

Participants were Beijing Tepia Technology Co., Ltd. with expertise in water engineering from Beijing,
CABR Fire Engineering Consulting Co., L.td. a subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Science,
Crisen Technology Co., Ltd. from Tianjin, Shanghai Chikushi Engineering Consultants Co., LTD, a new distributor from last year with civil engineering design expertise, Wuhan Longfang Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.., a new distributor from this year with expertise in architectural design and Tsinghua Sware Software Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. who has experience in Southern China.

At the meeting, FORUM 8 introduced new products including Allplan and explained about the activity and achievement last year, our activity plan for this year and distributor policy. Regarding the distributor policy, we were given feed back about the good points so far and issues, which will be useful for improvements in future.

We are going to support our valued distributors for a long lasting relationships in future. We thank you for your continued support and appreciate your attendance in the meeting.

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Participants in expert Seminar and FORUM 8 staff (The high rise in the back is World Plaza in which FORUM 8 China is located.) Presentation by FORUM 8 President Yuji Ito

Joint marketing agreement between FORUM8 and ZMPLinkage between FORUM8 Driving Simulator and RoboCar(R), the car robotics platform by ZMP

FORUM8 Co., Ltd. and ZMP Inc. have agreed on the mutual cooperation to accelerate the development of cars, next generation mobility system and autonomous moving robots. In the initial phase, "UC-win/Road for RoboCar(R)", VR simulation system is being developed. It links "UC-win/Road", VR software by FORUM8 and "RoboCar (R)", car robotics platform by ZMP. It allows the simulation of autonomous mobile robots as well as cars for office cleaning and security and conveyance of the plant, both in the virtual and the real environment.

The second phase will involve the development of VR simulation system which can detect the driver's driving posture and driving trend by linking "UC-win/Road" and "e-nuvo IMU-Z", ZMP's 9-axis motion sensor.

RoboCar(R) running in the office(left) Running RoboCar(R) runnig.in VR space
9 axis motion sensor-3 axis acceleration, 3 axis angular velocity and 3 axis geomagnetism

ZMP INC was established with the technology transfer of PINO, humanoid walking robot, which was a research result by JST, Japan Science and Technology Agency. In 2005, ZMP released "nuvo", the world first humanoid robot for home use and in 2007, released "miuro" the world first autonomous motion robot for home use.
ZMP was awarded for the technology implementation by the Robotic Society of Japan and won the SME Venture Prize (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General Award) of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
ZMP e-nuvo Series engineering education solution based on robotics was awarded as "Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation "by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Total number of sales tops 3000 in total.
From the 2009, ZMP is widening the product range by launching the next generation automotive research platform "RoboCar(R)" and "RoboCar(R) G" for "security and ecology" social wide issue, and adding e-nuvo IMU-Z, 3-in-1 unit motion sensor for sensing gyro, acceleration and geomagnetism for "health care" issue. In this way, ZMP is continueng to pursue the innovation leveraged by robotic technology and service.

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