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FORUM8 signed the partnership agreement with GTA GeoSpatial GmbH () of Germany in February, 2013.

GTA is based on Neubrandenburg, Germany, specializing in developing 3D terrain data based on the urban model. GTA provides the 3D data in various level with their unique and high technology.

GTA can create the 3D terrain data from the aerial photo by the advanced surveying technology and image processing technology. They also provides a lot of basic 3D data. 3D urban model, map, landmark automatically created from 3D aerial photo via automatic 2D mapping and 3D modeling software developed by GTA enables to provide the data in various levels. Moreover they develops the data of green space, urban area, individual estate according to the needs of users. They have a good record to perform the assessment service of solar power via 3D model. In addition, they concentrate on providing their products and service on the We by setting up the portal site for those terrain data.

The encounter with GTA goes back last year and that was LinkedIn which is information exchange site for world-famous companies. FORUM8 has been registered with LinkedIn ( GTA got interested in UC-win/Road which is one of the FORUM8's products and had a meeting with FORUM8 in summer, 2012 that led the conclusion of a partnership agreement which will benefit each other. The partnership agreement has been concluded through the discussion for a few months.

FORUM8 will start selling the wide range of service of GTA in the world soon. Adding the service of GTA to UC-win/Road enables you to build 3D model soon and a rich stone of data enables the advanced simulation and analysis in more realistic environment.

By this contract, GTA will sell UC-win/Road, FORUM8's product. Providing the value-added solution to customers will be possible by integration of UC-win/Road and GTA service. Moreover UC-win/Road German version has now been released. By this release of German version, it is expected to demand greater selling UC-win/Road in Germany, which is the largest market in Europe and also in Austria spoken in German.

Dr. Lieckfeldt, CEO of GTA, signing the contract

    Collaboration News
   NEWJEC Inc.,
  Tokyo University Agriculture Professor Yamazaki


FORUM8, NEWJEC Inc. and Prof. Yamazaki of Tokyo University Agriculture got together at the seminar room of FORUM8 Tokyo head office and the signing ceremony about selling "OHPASS" which is a optimized program for road linear design on March 14, 2013.

It was for both a single body, "OHPASS" and "UC-win/Road OHPASS plug-in option" which runs as a plug-in of "UC-win/Road", 3DVR software.

For "UC-win/Road OHPASS plug-in option", it is possible to consider the landscape by driving and various simulations after reading the road linear data in which the road linear design was optimized via "OHPASS" to 3DVR environment.

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Signing ceremony
(Second from right : FORUM8 CEO Yuji Ito)
Importing the road linear from OHPASS to UC-win/Road and visualizing it.
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