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Debris-Avalanche Simulation Plug-in Ver.2
A UC-win/Road plug-in that visualize debris-avalanche simulation and the analysis results

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●Release October 2014
UC-win Simulation
This product uses the "Debris-Avalanche Simulator (Kanako)" developed in the Graduate School for Agriculture, Kyoto University, as a solver, creating a system incorporating the "UC-1 Avalanche Simulation" which performs a debris-avalanche analysis in a series of process and the "UC-win/Road Debris-Avalanche Plug-in" which creates data for analysis and visualizes the analysis results.
The following items will be supported in this revision.

1. Automatic calculation function of rivers
2. Speeding up of drawing
3. Keyboard input of river shapes
4. Addition of expression function of sound
In the following, the functions to be supported are introduced.

▲Figure 1 The flow of the debris-avalanche simulation system
 Automatic calculation of rivers
In the model creation by the debris-avalanche simulator (Kanako), the river which the debris-avalanche flows in must be input, but a function which automatically calculate the optimal river shape from the terrain data of UC-win/Road has been added by this revision. The model creation previously done are now almost automatically carried out.

▲Figure 2 Obtain river shapes from terrain data of UC-win/Road
 Supporting fast drawing
In this version, the drawing speed has substantially improved. By this, performing a simulation in parallel with rain and driving simulation of cars became easier. For reference, in the data which was simulated for 30 minutes in our company, the drawing speed was reduced to about 1/3.

▲Figure3 Optimization of simulation by the speeding up of drawing
 Keyboard input of river shapes
It now supports the keyboard input of the river shapes. It also supports the paste function, making it possible to paste the information of the documents. It supports the input of degrees, minutes, and seconds too.

▲Figure 4 The editing of the river shape by keyboard operation is possible
 Addition of expression function of sound
A function which plays sound in accordance with the debris-avalanche simulation has been added. The supported format is the wav file. By effectively using sound, a more realistic simulation can be performed.

▲Figure 5 The sound selected in the setting screen will flow
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