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  INNO new model driving simulator 
Features of the new version
This time, a new version of the driving simulator has been released.
Changes from the previous versions are introduced.

Figure 1 Overall image

1. Adopted a "digital cluster" panel to the instrument panel section
By extensively using digital to the meter part, the display of speed information, etc. while driving has become easier to see. 

Figure 2 Digital cluster

2. By providing a cover over the front monitor, the immersive feeling increases.

3. By cutting the front and back of the simulator, the total length has been shortened
Weight saving has been done by shortening the total length, simplifying the installation and moving in multiple units.

Figure 3 Bird's eye view image, side image
  Simplified version elderly simulator
FORUM8 elderly driving simulator is a driving simulator of a simplified version which applied UC-win /Road and driving option to a driving simulator based on a controller. This time, it has been newly added in the lineup of the UC-win/Road driving simulator, so its information is introduced.

A space-saving driving simulator
This driving simulator is very compact (installation space: 560mm x 900m) compared to the conventional driving simulator and it is designed very simply. Therefore, introducing a driving simulator can easily be achieved without choosing a setting place.

Figure 4 FORUM8 Elderly driving simulator

Easy cooperation with UC-win/Road and an operability alike to a real car
This driving simulator is based on a USB game controller, which enables the easy cooperation with UC-win/Road without any special hardware.
Also, a combination switch and a hazard switch which does not come with a normal game controller is installed, so the operation of the headlights, turn signals and wipers can be done just like a real car.

Figure 5 Controller of simplified version elderly simulator

Trial displayed at the FORUM8 headquarters showroom
Currently, this simulator is being displayed at the FORUM8 headquarters showroom. An operartion experience is also possible, so please feel free to visit if you are interested.
  8DOF Traffic Safety Simulator
This large scale Driving Simulator was planned and built for the Research Institute of the Highway Ministry of Transport in China (RIOH) to be used in their traffic and safety research work. It was designed and built in accordance with their detailed specification, the whole project being managed throughout by FORUM 8 engineers. In January 2009, FORUM8 received the order for customized development of this Driving Simulator following an international tender and in February 2014, the Final Acceptance Test was complete, marking the completion of the entire project. The following is an explanation of the features and an overview of the high performance large-scale Driving Simulator based on FORUM 8's Real-Time Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Simulation & Modeling Software UC-win/Road.
Figure 6 8DOF Traffic Safety Simulator

System configuration

Figure 7 System configuration image

Overall system image
The 8DOF Traffic Safety Simulator is a high performance large-scale Driving Simulator based on award winning real-time Interactive 3D VR Simulation & Modeling software UC-win/Road. This large scale Driving Simulator was planned and built for RIOH, to their precise specification, to be used for their traffic and safety research activity. In January 2009, FORUM8 won an international tender for the customized development of this Driving Simulator and delivered the completed Driving Simulator in February 2014.

Figure 8 Overall system image

Expected outcomes and functions

1. Function designed for driver behavior research

Having the ability to reproduce the driver's driving sensation accurately, the simulator enables the users to conduct driving behavior research to evaluate a whole host of 'human factors' which may affect road traffic system.
  • Measuring and analyzing a driver's psychological characteristics and conducting research based on the results (lane change, acceleration/deceleration, turning, etc.)
  • Researching the driving behavior of individuals divided into age groups (youth/adults/seniors, etc.)
  • A function for researching the effects on traffic safety due to a variety of driver distractions (mobile phone, radio, etc.)
  • The effect on traffic safety due to tiredness
  • A function for researching the influence of alcohol, disease and drugs on traffic safety, and impaired driving behavior

2. Road traffic safety research functions

This simulator possesses road traffic safety research functions useful for research based on the status and design of the individual 'road' within the road traffic system.
  • A function for road safety assessment at the design stage
  • A function for road safety assessment at the management and maintenance stage
  • Researching the technology for maintaining drivers' safety when they are traveling in special sections of the road (long downhill road, tunnels, sharp curves, intersections, etc.)
  • A function that enables detailed research into driving safety under changing road conditions including lighting, induction, and visibility
  • VR optimization design function for road landscape and traffic facility installation
  • A function that enables detailed research on technology for maintaining road safety under conditions in which multiple drivers are operating within the same transport network

3. Traffic safety research under special environmental circumstances

This simulator enables the user to investigate the effects and subsequent driving actions under a range of different environmental conditions.
  • A function for traffic safety research under bad weather conditions (fog, ice and snow, high and low temperature, snowstorm, wind, etc.).
  • A function for traffic safety and emergency and security countermeasure research under extreme traffic conditions (traffic accidents, abnormal traffic incidents, etc.).

4. Other functions

As the FORUM 8 Driving Simulator can faithfully reproduce the real driving sensation it has many other applications in driving behavior research.

For example:
  • A function that enables the validation of the latest in-vehicle ITS systems
  • A function that reproduces traffic accidents and judicial test function.
  In the end
We will continue to develop simulators incorporating opinions and requests from the users. Please look forward to it. 
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