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Data file input and output
One of the characteristics of the UC-win/Road is the data linkage with a variety of external software. In this topic, we have listed all formats being able to be imported to or exported from the UC-win/Road. Though formats differ according to 3D model, terrain, road alignment, or analysis, input and output are also supported in the general purpose format used in a lot of software.

Data file input and output in UC-win/Road
 1. Terrain

■Input (new generation): LandXML, Shapefile, IFC, 12dModel, TIFF, WAP, MAP, GSI Tiles (download), Civil3D (direct collaboration)

■Input (merge to current terrain): LandXML, Shapefile, IFC, 12dModel, LEM, point cloud file (terrain patch conversion), Civil3D (direct collaboration)

□Output: IFC, LandXML, 12dModel, DWG, 3DS, XML (only terrain patch), Civil3D (direct collaboration)

 2. Streetmap

■Input : JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, World file (jgw/jpgw, bpw/bmpw, tfw), DM

□Output : BMP (3DS file output)

 3. Road Constructure

■Input (plan/diagonal alignment) : LandXML, Shapefile, 12dModel, OpenStreetMap, CSV (polyline conversion), Civil3D (direct collaboration)

■Input (cross section) : LandXML, DWG, DXF, Civil3D (direct collaboration)

□Output (plan/diagonal alignment, cross section) : LandXML, Civil3D (direct collaboration)

□Output (3D shape) : 3DS, DWG

 4. 3D model, material

■Input (arranged model) : 3DS, RM, FBX, OBJ, DXF, DAE, FLT, 3dcad, IFC

■Input (traffic model) : 3DS, RM

■Input (character) : MD3, FBX

■Input (building model) : Shapefile

■Input (parking lot model) : PFR

□Output : 3DS, RM, DWG, FLT

 5. Image, video, sound

■Input (texture) : JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF

■Input (video) : AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, F4V, MKV, MTS, M2TS

■Input (sound) : WAV

□Output : JPEG, BMP, PNG, AVI

 6. Simulation, analysis result

■Input : OpenMicroSim (UC-1 vehicle trajectory drawing system, VISSIM, S-PARAMICS, Legion), xpswmm (DAT),
          Tsunami plug-in (DEF), EXODUS (VRG), fluid analysis (VTK, VPF), debris avalanche simulation (DFP),
           noise simulation (TXT)

□Output : OpenMicroSim, debris avalanche simulation (DFP), noise simulation (TXT)

 7. Others

■Input (used for location adjustment and landscape display) : point cloud file (DAT, CSV, XYZ, TXT, ASC, F8DAT)

□Output : Munsell colour data (MCS)


These various data linkage functions expand the usage range of the UC-win/Road. Please review and try new utilizations of the UC-win/Road.

(Up&Coming '17 Fall issue)