New Product Intoroduction

UC-win/Road driving simulator The real car simulator

Though running in the state of getting on the cockpit is possible in UC-win/Road of normal product version, the main body of UC-win/Road and real car driving simulator with OEM-supplyed were combined, and it corresponded to real driving simulator in "UC-win/Road drive simulator option" that have been developed this time,
Compared with a conventional driving simulator, the great improvement of the valuefor money is designed. Moreover, the biggest feature is that the user can freely make the simulation date.. Basically, UC-win/Road take charge in the display of the simulator, the user can use the date of existing date as it is, therefore making a new route and the correction of existing data can be easily done.
Moreover, the main hardware of driving simulator completely reproduces the cockpit of the real car, and has almost all functions necessary for the simulation from the engine start, dirving, to the engine stop. The information is retrieved from this driving simulator to UC-win/Road, and, according to circumstances, the running condition is displayed on the screen by outputting the setup information from UC-win/Road to the main body of the driving simulator. The operation control to which the steering wheel vibrates is supported by the state of the roadsurface as feedback to the steering wheel while driving.

About the option screen
Setup and confirm on the screen the responseof the steering wheel, the accelerator and the infomation sent from the driving simulator, the information sent from UC-win/Road to the driving simulator.

The selection screen when running
The screen where the road ,the direction, the car model can be selected is displayed at the start of the simulation.Press arrow keys to select and enter key to confirm on each screen.After the car model is selected, the simulation start to drive with the actual steering wheel, the accelerator, and the brake .

About the main body of the driving simulator
Though the main body of driving simulator is oem-supplied, it is made of real body and parts, and the system of mass production of hardware is put into th place. Moreover, the dynamics based on an elaborate engineering theory is adopted, and abundant results in various simulators are possessed. The cockpit that accompanies car dynamics model + sound engine is reproduced in the adopted model this time, software is transplanted to the cockpit to display it to 32 inches LCD(1ch-3ch).

The schedule in the future
This UC-win/Road driving simulator is on sale including hardware and software, but the short term rental service for events is available. Moreover, 2-6 axes can correspond to the movement platform, and not only the product but also the upgrade by customizing the product and the offer of the exclusive use system are available in software as the option of hardware.

UC-win/Road driving simulator release date: August, 2007

(Up&Coming 2007 fall issue)