New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Ver.5.0 Point Cloud Data Modeling
3D survey data after process solution service

  • We introduce the newest features of UC-win/Road Ver .5, Point Cloud Data Plug-in option. On this page, the following functions are explained: the point cloud data editor; road centerline extraction; road alignment and cross section generation and road editor; road section extraction; and road section creation and road section editor.

Point cloud data editor
  • Point Cloud Data Plug-in's basic functions are to display 3D point cloud data in UC-win/Road VR space and depict the point cloud data at the designated position correctly. This plug-in can also extract data, import additional data and adjust the display position by moving the points sideways or by rotating them in VR space. In addition, this plug-in can also generate TIN data (ground and seabed data) based on the point cloud data, and overlay textures and import color from aerial photographs onto the point clouds.
    This plug-in is also able to export terrain data produced using point clouds in LandXML format to be used in other software systems.
    As a post-processing function, this plug-in can extract road alignment data and cross section data and use them in UC-win/Road to model roads almost automatically.

    Maximum number of point cloud data
    • 32bit OS(Windows XP) : less than 16 million points
    • 64bit OS(Windows Vista, Windows 7) : more than 25 million points

    Main edit functions
    • Point cloud display
    • TIN terrain data generation
    • Extraction of road alignment and cross section information

Extracting center lines
  • Road center lines can be extracted using automatic search and manual assignment. Automatic search utilizes the measurement feature of the mobile scanning device (e.g. MMS ? Mobile Mapping System) whereas manual assignment generates continuous linear regression arbitrarily as the user selects point clouds manually.

Editing road alignment
  • The X (east-west) and Z (north-south) alignment data of the extracted center line point clouds is linked to the road alignment editor in UC-win/Road for road creation and editing.

    Aerial view (point sequence) Aerial view (road alignment)

Road cross section editor
  • The L (length) and Y (elevation) information is linked to the road cross section editor in UC-win/Road to edit the vertical alignment of the road.

    Cross section (point seqence) Cross section (alignment)

Extraction of road section point cloud data
  • Road section information is extracted by automatically extracting point cloud data from inside a large rectangular frame and generating point sequences of the road section.

    Point sequence and the point cloud of the road section Point sequence of the road section

Road section editor
  • Point sequence of the road section is linked to the road section editor in UC-win/Road to create and edit the road section.

    Point sequence and the road section Road section in 3D

Road modeling
  • Based on the road alignment data and the road section data that were generated above, road modeling in UC-win/Road can now be carried out.
    Point cloud data only Road model

UC-win/Road Ver.5.0 point cloud data planned release date: August 2010
(Up&Coming 2010 Mid summer issue)