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Shanghai Municipal & Traffic Design Institute

UC-win/Road for the improvement of intersection and the maintenance of subway in Shanghai

City development in China with eco-friendly sensitivity

The urban scenery of Shanghai city, frequented by a number of local & foreign visitors for both sightseeing and business purposes due to the Shanghai World Expo has been improved and developed in bid to preserve and maintain the existing infrastructure and new buildings.

The shanghai linear motor car which runs from Shanghai pudong airport to the city opened in 2005. Its maximum speed is 431 kilometers per hour. It takes only seven minutes and twenty seconds for a stretch of 30km from the airport to the Longyang Road station via the second line on the Shanghai Metro.

The station and train car of the metro network which has continually been improving for the last 10 years are given modern outlook with a shiny appearance. The metro tickets are magnetic and resemble a telephone card. They are collected while passing through ticket gates to be recycled. As a result, there are visible scratches on the surface of the ticket due to repeated usage.

The city scenery of Shanghai has been improved in coexisting with the traditional building since preWar period and the latest building with curtain wall. Shanghai Municipal & Traffic Design Institute(SMTDI), our user, is the one who has made various contribution to the urban development of Shanghai.

Construction consultant in Shanghai adopted UC-win/ Road

SMTDI which is located in the Shanghai city is similar to the construction consultancy company in Japan. It covers a wide range of activities from structural design including road, water and sewerage, bridge and traffic analysis, design check, landscape design, and research development. SMTDI is proud of their total solutions by their analysis department due to the cost-effectiveness of the construction project.

SMTDI consists of 140 staff and adopted FORUM8's 3D real-time virtual reality system "UC-win/Road" to use for a variety of tasks.

Mr. Jiang Rongze, Senior Engineer of SMTDI was interested in UC-win/Road when it was introduced by the head office. He had the feeling that he had not seen such a software before.

"One project can be seen from various aspects. UC-win/Road is civil engineering-specific software and it allows the easy creation of banking on the road. I really liked it because of its creation function of virtual reality from the view of civil design." -Mr. Jiang Rongze

Mr.Rongze tried to use the general virtual reality software but he could not use them by himself. He highly valued the function of UC-win/Road which enables to create the city scenery by loading the building and arranging with the use of computer mouse without special training or knowledge.

Strong presentation feature in bidding

UC-win/Road is exceptionally useful in bidding processes. It is necessary to make an effective presentation to the promoter to obtain the design works. Mr. Rongze said "When we make a presentation, the representation of design contents in virtual reality is really effective. The complex structures which are difficult to represent in the drawing can be seen clearly. We use it for consideration of design effectiveness, interference effect of structures, interchange with under path from driverfs viewpoint, visibility of traffic signs and the landscape from driverfs viewpoint". -Mr. Rongze

SMTDI has received the order of various design tasks with the advantage of UC-win/Road. For example, UC-win/Road was used for the design project of the interchange with the complex elevated bridges in Guangdong province, the under path of intersection of Hongqiao road and Gu Bei Road in Shanghai city which is known for its congestion, the road around Hongqiao airport terminal.

Solution for the complex structures with "Front-loading"

The working method of SMTDI has been changed by adopting UC-win/Road. When they worked based on 2D drawing, they often found the problems and changed the design after launching the construction work. However, UC-win/Road allows them to identify potential problems in complex design structures and facilities during the design stage so that the design can be improved prior to the actual construction work. It results in "Front-loading effect" to solve the problems in advance.

Mr. Rongze said "UC-win/Road helped us to overcome the tasks of complex interference check in the Jungong Road tunnel project, elevated bridge, underground road, and embedded pipe projects"..

"FORUM8 has provided a good quality service. They have provided good support whenever any problems occur. The fact that the product originated from a Japanese company provides a sense of security." With regards to software requests, he said "As we use the CAD software developed by Southeast University, Nanjin, it will be appreciated if the software can allow the conversion of this drawing data to be compatible with UC-win/Road."

Mr. Rongze who involved in F1 circuit project in Shanghai

SMTDI provides the various classes starting from "Engineer", "Advanced Engineer" to "Senior Engineer" for the engineers. Mr. Rongze who is currently playing an important role in road design and geotechnical areas started from an "engineer" position.

Mr. Rongze finished a master degree in Tongji University, Shanghai in 1991 and he was the predecessor of SMTDI. He worked on the research of the road materials such as asphalt, ballast, geotextile as well as the design and construction management. From 1995, he worked in the Road Design Department, General Research Department from 2000 and was a sub-project manager from 2005. He has worked in the current position since 2008.

He has extensive experience in many road project maintenance works including expressways in Shanghai city, important main roads, road around F1 circuit in Shanghai and the new construction including Huashan Road in Wuhan.

He involved in not only the design technique issues but also the project management involving increased order and improved productivity of the design task.

Support service for Chinese users by local staff

Some say China is "Copy paradise", however FORUM8's users value the quality of products and the backup service and they pay a fair price for "UC-win/Road", "building EXODUS", and "Drive simulator".

FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd which is a locally-incorporated company provides the Japanese way of fine-tuned service. There is a total of four employees including Manager Keisuke Nakamura in the office located in the modern and tall building. The drive simulator (DS) is housed in the office for users in China to visit and experience the DS. We participate in China-based exhibitions through this local office.

In addition, they also provide support for more than ten dealers in China at the moment.

Despite hesitation amongst several vendors in the China software business, FORUM8 has steadily developed the Chinese market. We realize the importance of employing local staff to support demands from local users in a step-by-step manner.
(interview/text by Ryota Ieiri)

Website of Shanghai Municipal & Traffic Design Institute

Mr. Jiang Rongze, Senior Engineer

Building of Shanghai Municipal & Traffic Design Institute

Shanghai Pudong Airport with the modern design(Above)
Linear motor car with maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour(Below)

Ticket subway used repeatedly(Above)
Shanghai city with new and old buildings(Below)

Shanghai office with Drive simulator