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  FORUM8 has provided the software and technology services which support the designing of civil engineering and construction including structure design since the company foundation, on the basis of the development technology of packaged software. With the development of virtual reality of recent years, FORUM8 products are widely utilized in a whole project, research of traffic and automobile, and information systems. Social request for the technology related to the safety and security is growing much further. FORUM8 is acting with the company mission to bring the safety and security to the society through the software development and service technology.

  Foundation of our growth is the development of creative general-purpose software. So far, we have developed and improved the virtual reality software UC-win/Road and the dynamic non-linear analysis software UC-win/FRAME (3D) as the advanced software ahead of other companies. In 2009, we released Engineer's Studio® and VR-Cloud®, which are supporting our strategic deployment. FORUM8 has provided these products which lead to achievement of BIM/CIM. As for the cloud service, UC-1 for SaaS has been released in 2013, and "3DCADStudio®" and "3D bar arrangement CAD" have been provided for Android. 3DVR Cloud "VR-Cloud®" has been chosen as the cloud contract research from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We have acquired a lot of patents thanks to it. In addition, we have started High-performance computing on cloud® service with the aim of the utilization of HPC (High Performance Computer) as typified by "K". The laboratory was established in FOCUS (Foundation for Computational Science) next to "K", and our service has been selected as the business for industry use of "K".
  As for the advanced research system toward the autonomous driving, especially for the system construction of drive simulators, we delivered the 5-screen 4K CAVE driving simulator to Nagoya University in 2015. We also won a large system construction abroad through international bidding. In addition, we delivered a large earthquake simulator to a major construction company are developing simulation functions such as shaking and collapse against seismic motion in freely selected 3D VR space.

  On the other hand, as for the activities to improve the in-house system and to strengthen the organization, many international standards have been introduced such as Quality Management System (QMS), Information Security Management System (ISMS), Business continuity management system (BCMS), and PrivacyMark certification. In 2016, we acquired Environmental Management System (EMS) and are aiming to improve environment by spreading cloud and improving quality. Self-developed core system supports the development and sales, and we were selected as "Top 100 Aggressive IT SME of Japan Award" by METI in 2015. We also have received "CRM Best Practice Award" and other company awards.

  Product support and service have had a high evaluation, and a lot of people have attended our technical seminars. FORUM8 Publishing has been published some books and this year released the 116th issue of our public relations magazine Up&Coming. At the "10th FORUM8 Design Festival 3Days+Eve" in November 2016, three specialists from the government ministries delivered lectures at the first "Autonomous Driving Conference", and I was pleased a lot of guests attended to it.
FORUM8 will mark the 30 anniversary this year, and we provide an edutainment TV program "Get together! VR friends with Packun& Mayuko Kawakita" (screened in January through March 2017 on TOKYO MX1). We are also planning to hold an anniversary event in June.
Under our principles of Up&Coming, Sociality, and Forum Spirit, we all employees continue to unite and act in order to meet the expectations of our customers.
  January 2017
Yuji Ito
Representative Corporate Executive Officer, FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

"3DVR utilized in simulators" contributed to a spread "The technology leading to autonomous driving - ADAS"
Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun (PDF, 2494KB, Japanese) (06/2016)
Top 100 Aggressive IT SME of Japan Award (Japanese) (11/2015)
2015 CRM Best Practice Award (10/2015)
CSR Activities of FORUM 8 (Japanese) (04/2015)
2015 New Year Interview with Yuji Ito, CEO of FORUM 8 Co., Ltd. - "Using 3DVR to Provide Social Contributions / A Solution Provider to Achieve National Resilience." (Japanese) (01/2015)

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