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Road Web Viewer
The Web viewer supported the presentation functions of UC-win/Road
Introduction of VR model of various project

UC-win/Road Product Information
UC-win/Road Product Information
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Support System

UC-win/Road for Civil3D
UC-win/Road for Civil3D

UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road Trial Version

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Program Overview
UC-win/Road Web Viewer is a web application to show 3D VR data made by UC-win/Road on Internet Explorer(IE), and you can do various simulations, walk-through in the space on the PC in which you do not install the UC-win/Road product.

Data Downloading
Clicking data on the web, downloading a web application( only once ), a compressed data file, extracting the data , loading the data and it shows it onto 3D VR space.

After loading, as well as the product, you can view it by 3D View, do simulation of driving, flying and walking, generate traffic, execute scripts and change the view by keyboard. More if you put a steeling system on your PC, you can ride into the cockpit and do drive simulations.

Trial Version including new features and enabled data creation
"UC-win/Road Web Viewer" is based on the version 3.02.20, please check the new functions of this version with the Trial version .

< Ver.1.02.20 Revisions (2007 June 8 Release) >
1.Addition of Road data (of FORUM8 offices)
1) NZ Office

< Ver.1.02.00 Revisions (2007 May 22 Release) >

1.Adaptation of UC-win/Road 3.2 SP1 data
2.Addition of the display function of the landscape position to another window
3.Adaptation of car navigation screen in the vehicle
4.Manual driving function
5.Addition of Road data (of FORUM8 offices)

1) Tokyo head office
2) Osaka branch office
3) Miyazaki branch office
4) Fukuoka business office
5) Nagoya office
6) NEPOCH & FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

UC-win/Road Web Viewer1.2
Manual Driving Simulation(3D Cockpit supported)
Traffic simulation with vehicle profile

For manual driving, you need a Steeling Controller (Handle, Accererator) sold separately.

Vehicle performance/ 3D Cockpit List

Hardware spec. for the driving simulation on UC-win/RoadVer.3.2

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