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UC-win Series Simulation
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
Data created in UC-win/Road can be imported and driving simulation according to scenarios can be conducted.
Emission of CO2 can be evaluated in ECO drive plug-in.

Product detailsPrice/purchase

Product Price
Web activated license is available.
Product name Price
VR-Drive US$780

Web activated license Price of USB protect
USB Hard key for web activated products is now available for sale. (Purchase of product itself is necessary)
Product name USB protect
VR-Drive US$150

Academy Price
An Academy License can be provided for educational purposes, such as use by educators, academic researchers, and students.
Product name Academy Price
VR-Drive US$624

Price of Maintenance and Support Contract
Contents of Support (provided at no charge for 1 year)
-Telephone technical support-Inquiry support (email, FAX) -Download service
-Maintenance information delivery service -Technical information delivery service
* Version upgrades during the optional maintenance contract period are provided at no charge.
* The Maintenance and Support Service was started on 1 September, 2003 to further enhance the support which is provided for the UC-1 and UC-win series products. 
Product Optional maintenance contract Optional
support contract
1 year 2 year 3 year 1 year
VR-Drive US$260 US$520 US$780 Users with current Support contract can migrate to Short term Maintenance & Support contract.
"No telephone support" service
5,000yen discount from fixed price per year
The cost for your Support and Maintenance Plan is based on each license.
No telephone support. (FAX, E-mail support is available). No discount from Standard telephone support.
"Premium telephone support" service
An additional 15,000yen on top of the fixed price per year
Unlimited telephone support service. It is possible to upgrade from "Standard Telephone support" to "Premium Telephone support".

Price of Rental license /Floating license
Rental license price : (For mid and small corporations such as design company who is expected to use for less than one year.)
By use for a short period, the license can be used at reasonable price.
Floating License: (Recommended for large enterprises such as major construction companies looking to use the license for more than 1 year)
  By activating a license via Web, the corresponding product can be used by anyone, anywhere, and any PC.
*We began the service "the rental license / floating license" from September 3, 2007 for the purpose of strengthening of our service and improvement of user-friendliness.
Rental license
2weeks 1month 2months 3months 6months 1year 1.5years 2years 3years
VR-Drive US$138 US$210 US$276 US$330 US$414 US$480 US$600 US$780 US$900

Floating license
2weeks 1month 2months 3months 6months 1year 1.5years 2years 3years
VR-Drive US$240 US$360 US$490 US$590 US$730 US$840 US$1,050 US$1,370 US$1,580

Version Upgrade History
The version upgrade and revision upgrade (without charge) contents are listed as following.

Version Release date Updated contents
1.00.00 12/03
  1. New release
Contact for Product Purchases and Inquiries
: Credit payment or installment payment will be accepted.
If you have any questions, please contact the version upgrade center(vc@forum8.co.jp

Inquiries : Inquiries can be handled by any of the sales offices in Japan.
Please direct any questions about this homepage to forum8@forum8.co.jp
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