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UC-win/Road Eco-Drive
UC-win/Road Eco-Drive Plug-in US$3,360 (Tax is not included.)
Using driving log by UC-win/Road, the Eco-Drive Plug-in option calculates fuel consumption and carbon footprint of driving and makes a graph
Initial Release: August 4, 2009
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
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Program Overview
The Eco-Drive plug-in of UC-win/Road is new software module that calculates the fuel consumption and carbon footprint of individual vehicles whilst driving through a 3D VR model and graphs the results by means of UC-win/Road's driving log.

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New product introduction
Seminar information

It is a drive education package for kids, where an advanced technology is taken. You can experience from the driving in 3DVR environment and the scenario of daily driving to the handling of the danger on road and unexpected event.

  • It's possible to operate VR-Drive if the steering system for game of Logitec Corp. and PC which has the required graphics card are prepared besides VR-Drive software.
  • VR-Drive is composed of the driving scenario designed by the specialists of 3D environment and road safety.
    A flexible customization of 3D environment is possible and the event at the time of a specific driving can be generated as specified. (To be quoted separately.)
Interactive Driving Scenario
  • The driving scenario under various conditions (pedestrians, bicycle, turning left, turning right and bad view on road) is prepared in VR-Drive.
    Young people' drivers can experience the danger which is very closer to reality on a road while dealing with the scenario of driving.
Report of Driving Skill
  • The report is created after experiencing each driving scenario.
    It's possible for the experienced drivers to advise properly by reference to this report.
Eco Drive Report
  • The report of the amount of the CO2 emission and the fuel consumption is created for each driving.
    Young people' drivers can learn to defend person's life while driving and learn to contribute to the environmental protection as well.
Visual Effect
  • The drive in various environments such as the difference of the whether (ex. rain and snow) or driving in a various time in a day (ex. daytime and night) etc. can be experienced. Additionally, the surrounding environment such as the wind, flood, fire and smoke can be set.
Course selection Steering system

Features / Functions

Evaluation Formula of Carbon Footprint * 1

In general, a vehicle's carbon dioxide emission or carbon footprint (E) is in proportion to its fuel consumption. Therefore to be able to calculate it we require key factors such as "travelling time T" and "travel distance D" as well as the variation in speed "Fluctuating vehicle speed".
The Eco-Drive plug-in calculates fuel consumption and carbon footprint using a formula (1) based on results obtained from the UC-win/Road driving log.

E: Amount of CO2 discharged during travel time (kg-C)
T: Travel time (sec)
D: Travel distance (m)
K: The number of the speed measurement point
δk: When a speed is higher than at the previous point; 1 , Other case; 0
vk: Running speed at "K" point (m/sec)
Kc: Emission factor CO2 0.00231 kg-C/petrol (cc) (Ministry of Environment, 1999)

*1 T.Oguchi, M.Ktakura and M.Taniguchi" Carbon Dioxide emission model in actual urban road vehicular traffic conditions", Journal of Infrastructure Planning and Management (JSCE), No.695/IV-54, pp.125-136

Major strength
  • During driving, speedometer, accelerator and brake condition, and fuel consumption are on screen real time and helps environmentally friendly driving.
  • Outputs driving log simultaneously and displays Eco-Drive Analysis Viewer.
  • Eco-Drive Analysis Viewer shows the figure of T: Travel time, D: Travel distance, Q: fuel consumption and E: carbon footprint. Also makes graphs of acceleration, speed, fuel consumption per hour, cumulative fuel consumption, carbon footprint per hour, cumulative carbon footprint.
  • Users can change each parameter in the evaluation formula of carbon footprint as well.
  • You can output the result as CSV file and use the result.
  • Besides Eco-Drive Analysis Viewer, it has a function of showing "Eco-Driving Ranking". It makes ranking based on fuel consumption and carbon footprint and displays the result.
    (In this case, the items shown are different from Eco-Drive Analysis Viewer
The screen of "Calculation carbon footprint

The screen of Eco-Drive plug-in

"Eco-Drive" Ranking

Validation Example

A simple experiment was conducted to calculate the carbon footprint generated under the two different driving conditions of sudden starting and stopping and one of driving more ‘gently'. A ‘virtual' car was driven through one of Forum 8's 3D City Models using the UC-win/Road 3D Virtual Reality software system with the Eco-Drive plug-in. The conditions were as follows; (1) Drive a course of distance 1km, (2) Must stop at an intersection, (3) No speed limit, (4) Try several different type of driving from gentle to rough.
The following results were obtained:

Case Name Travel Distance(km) Fuel Consumption(L) Carbon Footprint(kg-C) Driving Condition
1.018 0.180 0.415 Hard driving with
sudden starts and sudden stops
1.018 0.147 0.339
1.025 0.102 0.237 Driving seldom with sudden starts and sudden stops
TEST-5 1.02 0.098 0.226

Conclusion :
Driving hard with sudden stops and starts results in an increase in both fuel consumption and carbon footprint. On the other hand, when driving more gently, the results of both fuel consumption and carbon footprint tend to decrease.

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