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UC-win Series Simulation
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
Data created in UC-win/Road can be imported and driving simulation according to scenarios can be conducted.
Emission of CO2 can be evaluated in ECO drive plug-in.

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Program Overview
VR-Drive allows a lot of customers to experience the driving simulation of UC-win/Road with easy introduction. It is assumed to use it for the exhibition and the seminar as a material in such as car driving schools and educational institutions etc.
It was developed based on Presentation Version of UC-win/Road, and and the function of the ECO drive plug-in was loaded as well. When this program starts, the VR space is imported automatically and the screen in which the scenario (course) can be selected is displayed. When the course is selected, driving is begun. After driving, the result of ECO drive is displayed and then back to the course selection screen.
The course where you can drive with VR-Drive and the explanation of the course can be set in a standard version of UC-win/Road (The scenario plug-in is required.).

In VR-Drive, the driving simulation can be run according to the scenario by importing the data created in UC-win/Road. Moreover, because VR-drive has ECO drive plug-in, the evaluation concerning the CO2 emission is possible.
It is a drive education package for kids, where an advanced technology is taken. You can experience from the driving in 3DVR environment and the scenario of daily driving to the handling of the danger on road and unexpected event.

Course selection Steering system

Related Information
"ECO Drive Experience Drive Simulation" Sample Movie (posted '09.08.06)
Tried to create the road and drive with a driving simulator.

New Product
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  • It's possible to operate VR-Drive if the steering system for game of Logitec Corp. and PC which has the required graphics card are prepared besides VR-Drive software.

  • VR-Drive is composed of the driving scenario designed by the specialists of 3D environment and road safety.
    A flexible customization of 3D environment is possible and the event at the time of a specific driving can be generated as specified. (To be quoted separately.)

Interactive Driving Scenario
  • The driving scenario under various conditions (pedestrians, bicycle, turning left, turning right and bad view on road) is preparedin VR-Drive.
    Young people' drivers can experience the danger which is very closer to reality on a road while dealing with the scenario of driving.

Report of Driving Skill
  • The report is created after experiencing each driving scenario.
    It's possible for the experienced drivers to advise properly by reference to this report.

Eco Drive Report
  • The report of the amount of the CO2 emission and the fuel consumption is created for each driving.
    Young people' drivers can learn to defend person's life while driving and learn to contribute to the environmental protection as well.

Visual Effect
  • The drive in various environments such as the difference of the whether (ex. rain and snow) or driving in a various time in a day (ex. daytime and night) etc. can be experienced. 
    Additionally, the surrounding environment such as the wind, flood, fire and smoke can be set. 

Steps from the product activation to the end
  • VR-Drive imports the UC-win/Road data set to the registry first. After importing is completed, it is automatically displayed in a full-screen and the course selection screen is displayed. Then operate it like the following chart. While the driving simulation, the driving simulation can be temporarily stopped with the "PAUSE Menu" button in the upper-right corner of the screen and Pose menu screen is displayed. "Continue" button can restart the driving simulation and "Close VR-Drive" button ends the application. 

Data creation for VR-Drive
  • The course have to be set to use the RD data of UC-win/Road in VR- Drive. This is operated with UC-win/Road and the VR-Drive plug-in. When "VR-Drive" is selected in the main menu of UC- win/Road, VR-Drive Editor is displayed. When a left "Scenario" button is clicked, the defined scenario is listed, and which scenario is used with VR-Drive can be specified in the check box. If it's checked, it will be possible to input Caption, Course Select Image and Description. 
    The course name is input for Caption, the image displayed when the course is selected is input for Course Select Image and the explanation of the course is input for Description.

Setting of file automatic importing
  • UC- win/Road data imported when VR-Drive activates is set to the registry. VR-Editor is used to edit this registry. Because nothing is set to the registry during the first launch of VR-Drive, the UC-win/Road data cannot be imported, and it's activated in the window of normal size. "VR- Drive" of the main menu is selected and VR-Drive Editor is opened. When a left "RD Files" button is clicked, the list of candidate of the data to import is displayed as shown in the above figure. (A blank line during the initial time.) Click "Add File..." and add the UC-win/Road data. 
  • Data on which the arrow icon is in "Default" row will be the data imported automatically after the next time activation. The arrow icon moves when the "Default" row of an arbitrary line is double-clicked.

  • Please use Version 6.1 of UC-win/Road for the data creation. The VR-Drive plug-in is not supported in the earlier version of Version 6.1.
    The number of course should be 5 because of the relation of U.I. When you define more than six courses, the course button projects to the Description display area on the course selection screen. In case of more than six courses after the next version,it is scheduled that scroll is supported.

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