A sense of immersion into the 3D environment is further improved, and thus a higher quality driving simulation is feasible.

UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin

Initial Release:2014.08.08


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Program Overview

Quest Rift is a head mounted display that can realize head tracking and 3D video output of a wide perspective through the built-in sensor all within a reasonable price.
Quest Rift plug-in adds distortions, adjusted to the characteristics of the lens of the Quest Rift, to videos and outputs them as well as making it follow the perspective within the UC-win/Road adjusting to the movement of the user's head using sensor data. Thus, the immersion into 3D space have improved, and a higher quality driving simulation is realized.

Developed by Meta ( https://store.facebook.com/jp/en/quest/ )

■Supported device
Quest Rift, Quest Rift S
Quest (Requires connection to a PC with UC-win/Road installed via a Link cable)
Quest 2 (Requires connection to a PC with UC-win/Road installed via a Link cable or Air Link)

▲Fish-eye rendering

▲Stereo display


Product Price

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■Product Price


Product configuration


UC-win/Road Ultimate UC-win/Road
including all plugins
UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin Plugin only USD500

■Price of Floating License

Paying 40% of the product price allows anyone to use the product on any PC anywhere in the world.



UC-win/Road Ultimate USD6,880
UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin USD200

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Price of Subscription Service Contract

Price of Subscription Service Contract

■Support information
-Software upgrade   -Technical inquiry (Email, Tel)
-Download service   -Maintenance and update notifications via email

* We are sequentially making a transition from the maintenance-support service to [Subscription Service] from April 1, 2016 in order to enhance support for diverse product usage and to reduce license management cost.

Product Subscription cost
of first year
Subscription cost
of subsequent years
(annual cost)
Subscription (UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin) Free USD250
Subscription (UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin Floating) USD280

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Rental license / Rental floating license

■Rental License

Product 2 month 3 month 6 month
UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin USD285 USD335 USD415

■Rental Floating License

Product 2 month 3 month 6 month
UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin USD480 USD570 USD710

Version Update History

Version Update History

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UC-win/Road Quest Rift Plugin
Version Release date Update contents
1.00.00 14/08/08
  1. New Release

Order / Contact Us

Order / Contact Us

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