VR Design Studio UC-win/Road Driving Simulator supporting force feedback

UC-win/Road SENSODRIVE Simulator

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UC-win/Road Driving Simulator UC-win/Road Experience Simulator

Program Overview

Combination of SENSO-Wheel and CarSim enables highly realistic driving experience inside UC-win/Road

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Cooperation with UC-win/Road SENSO-Wheel

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Hakone Turn Pike

Functions and Features

Main Features and Functions

  1. Force Feedback

    Realistic feedback can be achieved using SENSO-Wheel, which sends information about the steering and in turn, receives simulation data from UC-win/Road.

  2. Parameter Settings

    Apart from feedback, friction, damping and spring rate can be adjusted.

  3. Calibration

    The central position of the steering wheel and its maximum rotation can be adjusted freely.

What is SENSO-Wheel?

  1. Function

    SENSO-Wheel is a steering wheel controller with haptic technology, developed by SENSODRIVE.
    The motor inside the steering wheel allows the controller to simulate a realistic feedback of vehicles.

  2. About SENSO-Wheel SD-LC

  3. High resolution incremental rotary encoder 40,000 cnts./turn
    Rated torque ± 7.5Nm
    Maximum torque ± 16.5Nm
    Torque resolution = 0.030 Nm
    Interface CAN(1Mbaud)
    Cycle Time 1ms
    Angle Resolution 0.009°
    Maximum speed >200rpm
    Weight 9kg
    Note 48V / 500W power circuit rack
    input 110V-230V AC
    Overcurrent protection
    Motor cable (with filter)

Main Usage Examples

  1. Driver Training

  2. Examination for Road Maintenance

  3. Simulation of Badly Maintained Roads and Tortuous Roads


CarSim is a simulator that is developed by Virtual Mechanics Corporation that can be used to analyze and evaluate the physical feedback of passenger and small commercial vehicles in various driving and environmental conditions.

■Feature of CarSim

  1. Windows PC based, quick, yet stable simulation system which can simulate stopping / leaping / rolling of vehicles
  2. Enhanced and easy-to-use samples and GUI (data entrybrowser, graphs and animations)
  3. Various road surface conditions and driving conditions can be set by using 3D road generation function and driver model
  4. Easily link with the user's control model using the standard I/F with MATLAB/Simulink
  5. Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation is possible on various real-time systems (available in CarSim RT)
  6. Highly accurate vehicle dynamics models for various driving simulators
  7. Script language enables expansion of vehicle models and driving conditions and linkage with other software programs

Examples of CarSim Samples

More than 200 samples of examination and driving scenarios and more than 100 vehicle characteristic models are included in a standard CarSim package

▲Tests during double lane change

▲Examination of towing vehicle on
a furrow road

▲Examples of tests on vehicles with and
without ABS in cold evironment

▲Simulation for the test on Electronic
Stability Control (ESC) as defined
in the FMVSS 126

▲Obstacle detection using sensors

Virtual Mechanics Corporation https://vmc.jp/en-company/



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■Product Price



Product Configuration

UC-win/Road Rhino プラグイン・オプション ¥110,000(税抜 ¥100,000) プラグイン単独





UC-win/Road Rhinoプラグイン・オプション ¥44,000(税抜 ¥40,000)


サブスクリプションサービス 契約価格

サブスクリプションサービス 契約価格

・バージョンアップ無償提供  ・電話問合せテクニカルサポート
・問合せサポート(電子メール、FAX)  ・ダウンロードサービス  ・保守情報配信サービス  



対象製品 初年度 1年
サブスクリプション(UC-win/Road Rhinoプラグイン・オプション) 無償 ¥44,000(税抜 ¥40,000)
サブスクリプション(UC-win/Road Rhinoプラグイン・オプション フローティング) ¥61,600(税抜 ¥56,000)










対象製品 1ヶ月 2ヶ月 3ヶ月 6ヶ月
UC-win/Road Rhinoプラグイン・オプション ¥44,000 ¥56,100 ¥66,000 ¥81,400


対象製品 1ヶ月 2ヶ月 3ヶ月 6ヶ月
UC-win/Road Rhinoプラグイン・オプション ¥71,500 ¥94,600 ¥112,200 ¥138,600




 UC-win/Road Rhinoプラグイン・オプション
バージョン リリース日 主なバージョンアップ内容
1.00.00 14/08/08
  1. 新規リリース。



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