Allows you to link with the Motion Platform hardware OEMed by INNOSIMULATION, Inc , as one of UC-win/Road Drive Simulation Options

UC-win/Road Motion Platform
Plugin Option

Initial Release:2009.05.19


Program Overview

It allows you to link with the Motion Platform hardware OEMed by INNOSIMULATION,Inc , as one of UC-win/Road Driving Simulation Options.

UC-win/Road Driving Simulator

Functions and Features

Why is the motion plat form needed?

It is nothing to say that when you carry out a driving simulation by Virtual Reality (VR), the closer driver's sense approaches to the reality, the more accurate simulation results can be acquired. As a human have five senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch, reflecting all of senses including Balance to the simulation is not easy at all.

The most important sense is Sight in driving, which is reproduced by 3D VR simulation. As for the Hearing, sound system can be done. Not using Taste and Smell, drivers need Balance to capture a vehicle motion.

Now, the cutting-edge technology, Motion Plat Form have been established to allow drivers communicate. The Motion Plat Form is not so important when you aim to the simple training, in which vehicle motion don't change widely.

Basic of Motion Reproduction

To reproduce drivers' awareness for movements, it's necessary to trick human senses. The balance can be integrated from some information sources. A 3D accelerator can be sensed with semicircular canals (anterior / posterior / lateral semicircular canal) and horizontal and vertical accelerator can be done with an otolith (utricle and saccule).

This was just capture 3D movement, so 3D movement has to be reproduced by the Motion Plat Form. To support these movement including rotation and straight movement completely, 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF): 2 times 3 axes is 6 DOF, is needed. But, because the Motion Plat Form work in a more limited space than realistic vehicle space, it's impossible to reproduce real vehicle motion. It primarily detects acceleration, not capturing by the amount of movement or speed. Thus the Motion Plat Form is created to reproduce the acceleration and controlled.

As the way of reproducing the motion, following technologies are used.
General 6 DOF hardware configurations are combined with multiple actuators under a cockpit. With this configuration, the cockpit moves and rotates from the center point to all directions. The maximum lengths of the movement from the center point equals to the limit of motion, so continuous and long-time movements are impossible.

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▲6DOF Platform

Three measurements are adopted for this limitation.

  1. Reproduce the high frequency acceleration of vehicle primarily
  2. To reproduce the next acceleration, the cockpit moves back to the center with the speed which drivers can't realize
  3. Reproduce the horizontal acceleration by gravity, when you lean the cockpit. Above these ways, Surge and Sway can be reproduced with the Motion Plat Form of 3DOF.

In case of large simulator, moving 6DOF hardware on horizontal rail using X and Y table improve horizontal long acceleration. Also, rotating the cockpit horizontally with Yaw table reproduce the realistic feeling when you make the curve.

UC-win/Road Support

UC-win/Road allows you to link with the Motion Plat Form, a hardware OEMed by INNOSIMULATION, Inc as an option of the UC-win/Road Drive Simulation. To realize to link with the one, it was needed to improve software. To reproduce a high performance motion, we adopted vehicle motion model of INNOSIMULATION, Inc and the Washout filer which control platform behavior. a vehicle motion model with CarSim by Mechanical Simulation Corporation is also available.

To prevent uncontinuous motion of plat form, the location of plat form is controlled with over the rate of 100Hz. Calculation of vehicle motion and control of plat form can reproduce continuous motion.

In addition, for the safety of hardware and user, four layers safety system is configured.

  1. Filter not to exceed the movable range and the safety acceleration for the command signal of plat form outputted from UC-win/Road.
  2. Check the move command signal for the same purpose on the hardware device side whether the signal works well or not.
  3. Check the signal which is sent to actuator itself, and if actuator have problems, actuator's motion can be forced to stop.
  4. Emergency stop button is available whenever you want to use it.

Size 2400×1200×615
Weight 1000kg
Operating temperature 0-35℃
Payload 800kg

DOF Displacement Velocity Acceleration
Roll ±8° >±60°/s >±300°/s
Pitch ±5° >±60°/s >±300°/s
Heave ±50mm >±200mm/sec >0.5g


Product Price

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UC-win/Road Motion Platform Plugin Option USD8,600

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UC-win/Road Motion Platform Plugin Option USD3,440

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Price of Subscription Service Contract

Price of Subscription Service Contract

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Free USD3,440
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UC-win/Road Motion Platform Plugin Option USD3,870 USD4,558 USD5,590

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UC-win/Road Motion Platform Plugin Option USD6,450 USD7,654 USD9,460

Version Update History

Version Update History

 UC-win/Road Motion Platform
Version Release date Update contents
1.0.0 09/05/19
  1. Released UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.06 New plugin option

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