UC-win/Road    Photo-processing extension plug-in
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Windows Vista/7/8

Point cloud data can be colored using the photo image.
Initial release : '14.04.25

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    Program Summary
This plug-in allows to color the point cloud (The color information is given.) in 3D environment which was measured via 3D laser scanner.
This can be used to give the color information with high degree of precision to the one which has the low degree of color information of point cloud due to the wheather condition (weather and brightness) when measuring from the picture prepared separately or to the color information to the one which does not have the color information originally due to the specifications of measuring device.

*In order to use Photo-processing extension plug-in, Point Cloud data plug-in is separately required.
Distant view / before coloring Distant view / after coloring
Closeup / before coloring Closeup / after coloring

    Program Features
The settings for coloring can be controlled from the main screen of Point Cloud data plug-in.
Note : In order to use Photo-processing extension plug-in,Point Cloud data plug-in is separately required.
When the Photo-processing extension plug-in is active, the following options can be used.

  • [Coloring...] button
  • [Camera settings] tab
  • [Camera position] tab
  • [Area] tab
  • [Drawing options] tab - [Others], [Viewpoint and direction]
  • [Open files...] dialog -[File type]-[Camera settings (*.cfg)]

Functional Comparison
Functions In case of using only Point Cloud data plug-in In case of using Photo-processing extension plug-in
Import Point Cloud data
Import configuration files ×
Create the dot sequence of the center line
Create the terrain patch
Coloring ×
Import / Export settings
Manage the Point Cloud data
Control the dot sequence of the center line
Support to create the cross section of a road
Edit of configuration ×
Confirm the camera position ×
Edit the area whose point cloud is colored ×
Drawing point cloud option
Drawing option for coloring ×

Coloring - Filter Coloring - Coloring target
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