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  UC-win/Road Replay Option Replay Option
UC-win/Road Replay Option    $1,730 (Tax is not included.)
This plugin enables users to record the movement of vehicle or pedestrian models in UC-win/Road for later playback.
Initial Release: June 9, 2011

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UC-win/Road Product Info
UC-win/Road Product Info
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    Product Description
  • This plugin enables users to record the movement of vehicle and pedestrian models in UC-win/Road for playback at a later time. This is a great tool for, but not limited to, situations when the users wish to examine collisions between cars or into guard rails while alternating between different view perspectives (see figure), which gives users more freedom in examining a situation in detail.

Accidents during driving simulation → accidents during driving simulation
 Switching to an exterior view to confirm the details of a car accident
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    Functions and Features
  Vehicle and pedestrian movements are recorded at numerous times (depending on computer hardware) per second to allow real time playback.

Car dynamics such as roll, pitch, and yaw angles are all recorded in details. Thus, users can easily spot the changes in road terrain and re-examine the causes of a crash effortlessly. 

car dynamics
Car dynamics (roll, pitch, yaw)

The following table is a list of elements that are recorded. Other than model movements, traffic signals, and scenario contexts.

Cars Coordinates, roll, pitch, yaw, turn signals, brake lights, etc.
Pedestrians Coordinates, actions, roll, pitch, yaw
Traffic Signals Changes in lights
Context Details of a running scenario
Recorded elements

Interface Guidance
  • Control Panel
    The control panel shown in the bottom can be accessed by going into Record/Play ribbon -> Replay Plugin. The controls are straightforward and is similar to a standard video player, where the user can choose between normal playback, fast forward, rewind, or in slow motion. Users can also jump to a specific section of the replay data by directly clicking on the seek bar. Once a replay is saved, it can be viewd at any intended time.

  • Tool Bar
    It is possible to embed the tool bar into the main menu interface, which allows a quicker, and more direct access to recording and playback features.

  • Option
    The option allows users to select the view perspective during replay playback (e.g. first person from the drivers's seat or third person from outside). It is also possible to selectively record cars that are at a certain distance, or record only pedestrians.

control panels tool bars
Control Panel Tool Bar

Linking with Scenario Plugin
  • This plugin is the most useful when paired with the Scenario Plugin to allow for a smoother recording of a certain scenario event. Users can choose to track only a portion of the event, such as start recording from just the few seconds before an accident to ensure that events are properly designed. Another example is to track and confirm the driving distance between a parking lot to a certain destination. 

defining a scenario
Defining a Scenario

Data Management
  • Replays are recorded and compressed with ZLib, the same algorithm used for ZIP files, to cope as much as possible with the problem that recording too many moving 3D objects may cause the file size exceeding 1GB.  

    Further, to prevent overuse of RAM, only the desired section and a small portion ahead are pre-written into the memory. 

    With these methods, we have prevented memory stresses and avoided data loading delays, while maintaining the number of models and a high performance playback.

  • replay data loading
    How replay data are managed

Linking with UC-win/Road SDK
  • By combining this plugin with UC-win/Road SDK, it is possible to record and control the playbacks from the SDK.

    It is also possbile to view a replay and extract the detailed control information, such as position, steering wheel angle, speed, etc., during driving simulaiton mode in the SDK. The following table contains some examples of the controls that can be manipulated from the SDK directly.

    Rec Start recording
    Replay Start playback
    Stop Stop recording / layback
    Jump Specify a time to start playback
    LoadFromFile Load a specific file
    DrivingCar Obtain information of the current car.
    Examples of Replay Plugin commands
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