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UC-win Series Simulation
  UC-win/Road Scenario Plugin Scenario Plug-in $1,730(Tax is not included.)
The options to assign individual movements or event scenarios into models and the virtual space.

Initial Release : September 24, 2008

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UC-win/Road Product Info
UC-win/Road Product Info
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   Product Description
Scenarios are a series of event triggers and outcomes that make up for a certain condition. Through the use of scenarios, it is possible to replicate a certain real world case that a user wishes to simulate, as well as to better present to all possible audiences over the objectives of the VR simulation.
Typical workflow of scenario making
Typical workflow of scenario making

   Features and Specifications
The scenario features allow users to assign numerous actions, movements, or triggers to next events, independently to each model. For example, when a car reaches a certain location, the traffic light can be set to always turn red, always generate a congestion, always spawn jaywalkers, etc. with endless possibilities to imitate many different situations depending on the user's objective over the simulation. Moreover, through other plugins such as the EXODUS and the Micro Simulation Player, users can further refine the details of the scenarios to perform evacuation analysis and more direct controls over objects in the VR space.

A scenario is a user-defined simulated condition that consists of a series of different events from the start to finish.

Events are a series of prerequisites or triggers required for one action to be performed before the next one can happen. For example, after a certain duration of time, or once the car reaches a certain location, an event will cause another to fire, such as a jaywalker appearing. Notice however, that a car must properly pass an appropriate spot for the next event to be triggered.
As previously mentioned, events are made up by a series of events. Thus, users can keep on adding events by defining the prerequisite, action, and results, until it reaches the desired outcome to complete the scenario.

Scenario editing window Event editing window
Scenario editing window Event editing window
EXODUS tab window Micro Simulation Player tab window
EXODUS tab window
Allows control over the animation
to be used in the EXODUS plugin.
Micro Simulation Player tab window
Allows control of detailed animations
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