UC-win/Road Ver.3.1(2005 December 22 Release)
Driving Simulation UC-win/Road Drive Simulator Product information

Ray tracing

Ray tracing Option ( Ver.3.1 )
Rendering feature using "POV-Ray"
- UC-win/Road objects are supported
(except Sun Flare, Rain and Snow, Clouds, HUD)
- It is possible to check by the interaction of light by radiosity.
- Trace level setting
- Objects visibility setting
- Shadow : hard shadow, soft shadow
- Mist(Fog, Mist)
( No Mist, Global Mist, Local Mist, Both Global and Local Mist)
- Light Source setting, various lightings and vehicle's head light by light script can be set.

LandXML Plugin ( Ver.3.1 )
Data exchange features between road CAD programs (Civil3D, APS-win, HICAD) and the LandXML format.

¨UC-win/Road data exchange tool for Civil3D (Japanese)
¨UC-win/Road data exchange tool for APS-Win (Japanese)
¨HICAD[UC-win/Road data exchange tool (Japanese)