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  VR Motion Seat US$16,000 (Tax is not included.)
    VR Seat Plugin  US$3,000 (Tax is not included.)
Small type 3DOF motion seat linked with VR and HMD
Initial Release : '18.03.28

UC-win/Road Product page
UC-win/Road Product Information

UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
(Windows 7/8/10)
Product DetailsProduct Details

  Product Overview
A low-cost compact 3DOF motion seat shaking according to VR simulation of UC-win/Road. Experience persons wear a head mounted display (HMD).

This product is a plug-in for UC-win/Road to cooperate UC-win/Road and INNO's 3 axial motion seat (VR seat). This plug-in converts the vehicle movement of UC-win/Road simulation to 3 axial value (Roll, Pitch, Heave) in real time and export to the VR seat.
When a drive mode simulation is performed in the UC-win/Road, the inertia force generated from acceleration and deceleration is reproduced by using the component of gravity. In this reproduction, the plug-in executes the processing (washout) to get the seat back to the neutral position at the speed not let the person sitting on the seat feel the inclination by acceleration and deceleration while considering the motion range. In addition, detailed customization of motion is available in the parameter setting.
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  Main Functions and Features

  • Low cost and cost effective design
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Unlimited application (4D seat, VR, racing simulation, earthquake experience, etc.)
  • High precision and dynamic movement
  • VR contents compatible interface software(embedded)
  • Easy to interface unity, unreal engine with INNO developed SDK
  • Easy to installation. Just plug in and turn on.
  • Virtually maintenance free design
  • Simple design
  • Proven safety
  • Compatible with CV1, VIVE, Gear VR etc.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Capacity 1
Motions 3DOF
Actuator 3
Motion range Roll ±10 degree
Pitch ±10 degree
Heave ±30 mm
Drive mechanism Servo motors & servo controllers
Mechanical High precision ball screw design
Lifting capacity 180 kg (including seat cushion)
Weight Appx. 100 kg
Dimension 800 x 800 x 1400 mm (H)
Safety belt Four point setting type
Electricity 220VAC 50 to 60Hz 2KW 9Amp
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