Simulation using the cooperation of a wheelchair and UC-win/Road

Wheelchair Simulator
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Wheelchair Simulator NEW!

The simulator is supposed to be a real wheelchair that does not move; a driver just sits in the simulator and drives the wheelchair within the VR environment projected through the monitor or Head Mounted Display (HMD). The simulator also has a function for evaluating driving skills.

Currently, UC-win/Road can simulate vehicles that travel on land, sea, and in the air. The behaviour of a VR model representing any one of these vehicles in UC-win/Road is either controlled by input devices (Joy Stick, steering wheel, etc.) or is based on a pre-defined 3D route (flight path).

To simulate the wheelchair operation, the vehicle simulation function of UC-win/Road’s function for vehicle simulation has been enhanced to enable wheelchairs to move freely even on slopes and uneven grounds including sidewalks and roads and to drive over small bumps and obstacles, for example, driving over a sidewalk from a carriageway.

In addition, in the wheelchair simulation, users can drive a VR model representing a particular wheelchair by using a keyboard or gamepad, or by sitting on an actual wheelchair (WHILL Model CR in the image) and operating the joystick attached to it. Please refer to the system overview for more information.

When a driving simulation is finished, a text file with summarized simulation results including simulation time, distance traveled, etc. and simulation records such as positions of the wheelchair and operation data collected from the joystick is generated, which can then be utilized for further analysis (driving performance evaluation).


▲System overview

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◆New Product Information
Wheelchair Simulator(Up&Coming’21 Spring issue)

Customized system: Wheelchair Simulator (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Science, Kansai University)

The VR environment of UC-win/Road is used for the video display part of the wheelchair simulator which is the research development result of Professor Jun Kurata, Kansai University Science and Technology Department.

The wheelchair simulator hardware is equipped with wheels with torque sensors that drive both wheels separately, and the model of speed and road surface resistance are used as a movement model (dynamics) of a wheelchair. UC-win/Road is utilized for the display portion. Furthermore, whether it can move inside of VR space is verified by reading the data of the actual measurement from a wheelchair simulator to UC-win/Road.

The system permits even safer use of electric wheelchairs, taking into account the degree and location of physical impairment of the individual and recognizing user risk.

▲Configuration image of wheelchair simulator

▲Configuration diagram and flow of cooperation part
with wheelchair simulator hardware

▲Example of wheelchair simulation using
UC-win/Road MD3 characters


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Wheelchair Simulator USD10,800


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+ Wheelchair Simulator Plugin Option
UC-win/Road Driving Sim
+ Wheelchair Simulator Plugin Option
USD14,000 UC-win/Road
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+Wheelchair Simulator Plugin Option
UC-win/Road Wheelchair Simulator Plugin Option USD3,000 Plugin only

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Wheelchair Simulator Plugin Option USD1,200

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Price of Subscription Service Contract

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