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BIM compliant 3D Drawing Option overview

Report and Drawing Total Service overview

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BIM compliant 3D Drawing Option overview

In addition to the existing analysis support Service, FORUM 8 has launched BIM compliant 3D and 2D drawings generation services.
By using integrated BIM solution of Allplan series, 3D drawings and 2D drawings are generated.

Data is provided for which the condition of reinforcements are distinguished by color, along with Allplan viewer software. It will be adapted to examinations, 2D drawings and other BIM compliant software through the IFC data conversion. The creation of 2D drawings is provided as an option or an additional service. However, since 2D drawings of Allplan does not support SXF data conversion, other software which support SXF like FORUM 8 product UC-Draw should be used.

Deliverables are by provided by finished data. >Allplan 3D data (IFC) is also available
Target structures will be architectural and civil engineering structures.

Sample 3D drawings of rigid frame pier (by Allplan-Engineering)

Allplan product overview  http://allplan.jp/

Allplan series is integrated BIM solutions developed by German CAD software maker Nemetschek. With the integrated BIM solution, basic drawings, rendering images, presentation movie, detailed construction sheet, quantity take-off and calculation can be done continually, which allows the total design and representation of the models. Changes to the model can be reflected to all data easily. Allplan series has "Architecture", CAD for architectural structures and "Engineering", CAD for RC structures.
In addition, since 3D drawings are provided with free Allplan viewer, users can view the data any time.
Integrated BIM solution image

Example of 3D bar arrangement :
3D model bar arrangement of 3D Temporary bridge (Abut), U-type retaining wall and Water reservoir tank

  • Temporary bridge (Abut) U-type Retaining wall Water reservoir tank
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Report and Drawing Total Service overview
In addition to the existing analysis support service, FORUM 8 launches the services creating design calculation sheet 2D drawings service. It is a total analysis service supporting from analysis and design to drawings.
3D drawings option is also available. For 2D drawings, software which supports SXF like UC-Draw, a product of FORUM 8, should be used.

While data entry service was the main part of our existing service like the one for UC-win/FRAME(3D), this service is a total service including data entry, design and analysis and the creation of drawings.
Design calculation sheet mentioned here includes design calculation sheet for the normal time and level 1 earthquake and responding deformation method for the calculation of underground structures as well as dynamic analysis. Hence, the service provides the creation of design calculation sheet by UC-1 product and UC-win product

As for design drawings, structure drawing, bar arrangement drawing and other structure drawings are also available.
Target structures are all kinds of civil engineering structures including piers, abuts, flexible sluice gate,wastewater plant, watergate and artificial basin) Deliverables basically includes data compliant to electronic delivery standard along with design calculation sheets and drawings.

2D drawing sample generated from 3D drawing of rigid frame pier.
(Screen of Allplan-Engineering)

Display by Allplan-Engineering

AutoCAD screen image of data
imported from Allplan-Engineering
Bridge construction

2D bar arrangement drawing samples : 2D drawing samples edited by CAD software like UC-Draw

  • Temporary bridge (Abut)

    U-type Retaining wall

    Water reservoir tank

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Verification of deliverables
As for the inspection of deliverables, FORUM 8 verifies based on the regulations for the verifications of detailed design by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism and provides inspection report. In addition, FORUM 8 also verifies by using the in-house design result verification system.

Overview of Design Result Verification System
  • A project "Verification System for Structural Design" which FORUM8 has proposed and applied to was selected as one of "the 2nd Innovation Promoting Projects 2009", a subsidized project of industrial technology development, which was publicly invited by NEDO, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
    To realize accurate and short-time inspection of serious defect in the design calculation documents
    of civil engineering structures, the system:
    • checks automatically by comparison with existing similar structures
    • checks the design with minimum data input to set the condition.
    This allows effective and efficient checking of the structural works.

System structure and functions

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