Security policy
FORUM 8 Co., Ltd.
President Yuji Ito

Formulation of basic information security policy

 FORUM8 Co., Ltd. supports many engineers through software development, hardware development and its service technology, and also develops technology that brings safety and security to society through the provision of software and hardware.
 When conducting our business, strategically utilizing our customers' assets and assets as our management resources is a top priority. Proactive use of these assets tends to increase the amount of information we hold. Along with this, business risks due to information leakage, falsification, loss, etc. are also increasing, and efforts must be made to minimize these risks.
 For this reason, we have established a basic policy on information security with the aim of unifying the intent regarding information security within the Company and ensuring the proper protection of assets.
  1. Appropriately protect your assets and assets as our management resources from all threats such as negligence, accidents, disasters and crimes.
  2. When an information security event occurs, investigate the cause and promptly implement countermeasures to minimize the impact.
  3. Clarify business requirements related to information security and legal or regulatory requirements, as well as contractual obligations, and educate and enlighten employees (including officers, part-timers, arbators, and temporary employees of partner companies). , To ensure thorough compliance.
  4. Any intentional act that jeopardizes the protection of the customer or the assets of our organization shall be subject to disciplinary or legal action.
  5. Implement risk management consistent with information security related business and legal or regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations.
  6. In assessing risk, the degree of impact on the business of the organization shall be the standard.
  7. Regarding the protection of personal information, a separate "Personal Information Protection Policy" shall be established and adhered to.

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Approach to security

Measures against unauthorized access

  • To prevent unauthorized access to computers on our network via the Internet, computers on our network are not directly connected to the Internet, except for special servers such as Web servers.
    Computers on our network access the Internet through proxy servers with high security. A firewall is installed on the Web server and FTP server.
    A proxy server is a server that connects directly to the Internet on behalf of computers that are not connected to the Internet.

Computer virus measures

  • Computer viruses can destroy data or damage your computer. Computer viruses can also infect other computers.
    To prevent viruses from infecting other computers and networks, we install a virus check program on all computers and check all data brought in from outside. We also use check programs from multiple manufacturers and update definition patterns in real time.

Information backup and recovery

  • In order to protect the information on our site and the transaction information with our customers from accidents and computer viruses, we operate a complete backup and recovery system.
    Specifically, by operating a RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks) system, data is protected from physical damage, and backup is also performed in a remote location using dual backup and magnetic tape/MO media. We also store it.
    We back up data in case of any failure to ensure reliable recovery.

Countermeasures for system down

  • We take measures when the system or line of the Web server or FTP server is down so that it will not interfere with the services and communications to our customers such as sending homepages, e-mails and various forms as much as possible.
    Specifically, a WWW server is installed so that different types of lines (FTTH, analog telephone lines, etc.) can be used in some cases. In addition, the mirror server乮乯 is always in operation in case the server goes down.

Realization of high security

  • In order to achieve higher security, we are regularly inspected by a security inspection company.
    If a security hole is found by inspection, we will take immediate measures to improve it.

仭 Internet sales that you can purchase with confidence

  • We sell our products on the Internet.
    Sites that require you to send us your credit card number and password have been verified by Geotrust to ensure that you can purchase our products on the Internet with peace of mind.
    When sending information from a site whose identity has been verified by Geotrust, the information is encrypted with the SSL protocol, so even if the information is stolen on the Internet, the contents will not be known.

    Secure Seal
    User information page, version upgrade center, and order page use SSL encrypted communication to protect customer's personal information.

    <To Customers>
    Before sending information to a third-party site that is masquerading as our site, please follow the steps below before sending the information. Please make sure you are on our site.

    1. For sites that have been verified, you will see a locked icon in your browser's status bar.
      If you do not see the locked icon, please stop sending information.
      Internet Explorer Netscape Communicator
    2. Double-click (Internet Explorer) or click (Netscape Communicator) on the lock icon.
    3. For Internet Explorer, the certicate will be displayed.
      For Netscape Communicator, click "Show Certificate" in the security information to display the certificate.
    4. If the certificate shows, the site you are visiting is definitely our site.
      If the certificate does not show, please stop sending information.

Protection of your personal information>> Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

  • The personal information provided by the customer will not be used for any purpose other than the service. In addition, except for special circumstances, we will not disclose or provide your personal information to a third party without your consent.
    We will not store your personal information on a computer that is directly connected to the internet so that third parties cannot access your personal information via the internet.
    There is a page (user information page) where you can browse your own information on our site, but in order to prevent it from being seen by a third party, you need to enter the user code and password to browse. We are. The user code and password will be sent to us encrypted and will not be stolen.

Use of cookies

  • There is a page on our site that uses a function called "cookies".
    Cookies save the information you send us as text data on your computer. And our site saves you the trouble of entering the same information by using the saved data.
    The data we store on your computer in cookies can only be read by our site. Therefore, the third party's site does not reveal your information stored in cookies.
    You can also set cookies so that they do not work on your browser.

Improvement of security measures

  • We will continue to improve security measures while reflecting customer feedback.
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