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June 16, 2015
FORUM8 Co. Ltd.
World-First: FORUM8 Has Built and Delivered the World's First 4K Five-Screen 3D Stereoscopic Driving Simulator for Nagoya University
~Introduced during the Opening Ceremony of National Innovation Complex~

 FORUM8 Co. Ltd. ( has successfully built and delivered an ultra-precision driving simulator for vehicle dynamics research and development, for Nagoya University. The simulator is located inside the university's National Innovation Complex (NIC). It was first introduced and publicized during the June 12, 2015 opening ceremony of the complex.

▲Large 5-screen CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) providing the widest possible field of view while achieving a high sense of presense. 

  This simulator is the world-first 5-screen 3D stereoscopic VR driving simulator that incorporates numerous elements such as driving simulation, traffic simulation, and vehicle dynamics & performances, by building upon the the interactive 3D VR software UC-win/Road (a.k.a. VR-Design Studio). The nature of the simulator being the only true 5-screen VR driving simulator makes it unique compared to existing examples (※).
 It is particularily optimized to take into account and to monitor human perceptions and traits by incorporating complex mathematical models, high-luminance & high-definition visual cues, realistic cockpit modules, and a highly responsive motion platform.

【Application Examples】
  • Research on optimal acceleration and deceleration behaviours that lead to lowered fuel consumption while trailing another vehicle.
  • Research on driving behaviours under a non-optimal visual condition.
  • Research on driver fatigue or stress under normal driving conditions.

Click here for a larger picture. Click here for a larger picture.
▲Components of the simulator High-precision Driving Simulator for Vehicle Performance Analysis (English version to be updated soon)

 The Nagoya University has been an avid participant of the Japanese MEXT's (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technolgy) "Centre of Innovation (COI)" mission under the research theme of "Diversified and Personalized Society Innovation Design - A Senior-Friendly Society of Mobility". As a member of this active research mission of Nagoya University, Special-Appointed Professor Tetsunori Haraguchi has chosen FORUM8 and its VR simulator systems to examine and reserach vehicle performances and dynamics.

 National Innovation Complex (NIC) is Nagoya University's latest attempt to foster stronger ties between industry and research institutes for collaborative projects to contribute to the COI's mission. The complex is located in the Higashi-Yama Campus of Nagoya University. It is inside this building where Nagoya University houses FORUM8's newest simulator.  

(※)As of June 2015, no large 5-screen CAVE simulator has been known to also include a real cockpit, hence this is currently a true "world-first" attempt.
▲National Innovation Complex in Nagoya Univeristy 

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