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March 7, 2017
FORUM8 Co., Ltd.
FORUM8, "The era of Virtual Reality UC-win/Road®" Ver.12 Release
Acquisition of Related Patent in VR and Drive Simulator

 FORUM8 (2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. President Yuji Ito. URL: has released "UC-win/Road Ver.12" compatible with 64-bit native as the latest version of the 3D Virtial Reality software UC-win/Road on February 28th in 2017. In a related move, FORUM8 have acquired a basic patent on the drive simulator system which realizes synchronized display of VR with low delay.

 In 2000, FORUM8 started to sell the 1st version of UC-win/Road and opened a new market for VR. UC-win/Road won the 2002 Software Product of the Year (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and it has continued to be upgraded and expanded its functions.
 In this case of Ver.12, with 64-bit native support, it is possible to simulate a vast long-distance road such as 400 x 200 km (conventionally 20 x 20 km), and to visualize analysis results for a long time such as tsunami, flooding, wind, sound, etc. In addition to enlarging of the terrain space and the improvement of the resolving power, more number of placement models, high quality texture, and models with more than 4 GB memory are also supported. Moreover, FORUM8 have expanded functions for research driving simulator including SILS simulation control and addition of cluster synchronization method, and it is also planned that further expansion of market such as automobile and manufacturing industries, education, entertainment, and medical field in the future.

[The revised contents of UC-win/Road Ver.12]
  • Support for 64bit native
  • Addition of SILS simulation control and cluster synchronization method
  • UAV plug-in Ver.2: Batch setting of mapping mission, obtaining photo location, automatic recording, exposure setting
  • Camera Sensor Base Plug-in (new plug-in with additional cost)
  • Scenario: Control considering vehicle weight and car distance, vehicle searching function
  • Information display in 2D view, object operation
  • User variable number: Scenario control, log export
  • Object reference function by object custom ID

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Support of 64bit native expands terrain space and improves resolving performance.
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UAV Plug-in Option Ver.2 2D view enhancement:
information of 3D models, roads, and
vehicles can be displayed.

[Patent Description]
 This patent has been approved for the simulation system that makes up the cluster system that several calculators are combined via network and displays images created by each calculators with low-delay in synchronization with corresponding monitors.
 Drive simulators that support a virtual experience of driving are used for a variety of purposes such as amusement, driving skill training, vehicle development, and academic research on road traffic. The technology admitted in this patent improves reality without lowering the drawing speed of images during the drive simulation.
  In addition, for a research to verify effects on multiple drivers each other when they operate each vehicle in the virtual space via drive simulators, it can be expected that this technology will reduce the delay in images displayed for each driver and suppress effects on the verification result.

Patent Number : No. 6077686
Title of the invention : Simulation system
Invent information : Synchronization system for drive simulator with low delay via network
Registration Date : January 20, 2017

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UC-win/Road drive simulator using the
synchronization system with low delay
Certificate of patent

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