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Virtual Simulation & Training Inc. (VSAT) area: U.S.A.

Address : # 467 1st Block 3rd Stage, West of Chord Road, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore-560079, INDIA,
Tel :
937-431-1193 Fax : 937-426-1202 E-mail : forum8@virtualsimulation.com

VSAT is a group of engineers, training analysts, and operational experts in the field of simulators and aircrew training systems, based in Ohio USA.
The company selected Forum8 Drive Simulator and UC-win/Road software following a detailed market survey and in-depth technical discussions with the Forum8 support center in Phoenix, Arizona.

VSAT's William Curtice commented, "We considered a number of driving simulators before concluding that UC-win/Road provided the most cost effective solution to our environment modeling and scenario development requirements. Plus, Forum8 offered a Drive Simulator hardware platform that, in combination with the UC-win/Road SDK, offered custom integration capabilities essential to our research.

"One of the many attractive features of UC-win/Road was its ease of use and also its flexibility which was an important factor as we wish to develop a wide range of driving scenarios.

"For example, one of the projects we may be involved with requires a driving simulator system suitable for human factors research. This particular system would include highway / railroad grade crossing scenario development and control. It would also include the hardware necessary for drivers to interact with the system using vehicle controls (i.e., steering wheel and pedals).

"Although based in Japan, the fact that Forum8 has a technical support center in Arizona and a business support team in London coupled with modern communications means that we have benefitted from some excellent help and advice and look forward to many years of mutually rewarding business."

FORUM8 is looking forward to many years of mutually rewarding business relationships.

Mr. Richard J. Heintzma, President at Signing ceremony Virtual Simulation & Training Inc. Web site

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