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UC-win/Road Cluster

UC-win/Road Cluster plug-in option $8,600
(Tax is not included.)
  UC-win/Road Cluster Client Version $660  

UC-win/Road Cluster option allows more than 4 channel display
per PC. It can project images to multiple monitors
by synchronizing multiple PCs.
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
Initial Release : April 12, 2012
Guide (PDF)
Catalogue Download(PDF)
Product detailsPrice/purchase

Product Price (Tax is not included.)

UC-win/Road main part A product price is here.

Application software

Products name Price Product configuration
UC-win/Road Cluster Plug-in Option US$8,600 Plug-in Option Only
UC-win/Road Cluster Client Version US$660 This system is a system that can synchronize two or more PC and output the image to a lot of monitors.

Sample configuration

Parallel clustering system which can work on master PC+slave PC and LAN environment

Basic option price Basic option price : $8,600

Supports 3 slave PCs and 1 server PC configuration
<Basic option price>
  • 5 slaves : $10,000
  • 10 slaves : $16,000
  • 16 slaves : $20,000
UC-win/Road license is necessary on server PC
Cluster Client version ($660+tax) is necessary for each slave PC.
Maintenance and support cost Maintenance and support cost as per FORUM8 price policy. Installation fee is required at an additional cost.
Sample configuration If UC-win/Road 3D stereo display function is used, 1PC can display 2 channels, therefore, for 16 channel display via cluster system, 8PCs and 1 server PC are required.
   Price of Subscription Service Contract    (Tax is not included.)
Support information
-Software upgrade
-Technical inquiry (Email, Tel)
-Maintenance and update notifications via email
-Download service

* We are sequentially making a transition from the maintenance-support service to [Subscription Service] from April 1, 2016 in order to enhance support for diverse product usage and to reduce license management cost.
Product Subscription cost of first year Subscription cost of subsequent years
(annual cost)
UC-win/Road Cluster Plug-in Free US$1,720
Subscription Floating 40% of the product price 

   Price of Rental license /Floating license    (Tax is not included.)
Rental license : Short term licenses available at a low price
Floating license : After web activation, anyone can use the products on any PC anywhere in the world.
Rental access : You can increase the number of licenses you own and use these additional licenses for a specific period of time (1 month to 3 month) at your discretion. We will later send you an invoice based on your usage log.
*Rental / Floating Licenses were introduced on September 2007 to enhance user experience and convenience of our products.
*Duration of Rental / Floating Licenses cannot be changed after starting these services. Re-application is required to extend the rental and floating license duration.
Rental license
Intended products 1month 2months 3months 6months
UC-win/Road Cluster Plug-in Option US$2,580 US$3,440 US$4,130 US$5,160
UC-win/Road Cluster Client Version US$240 US$310 US$370 US$460

Floating license
Intended products 1month 2months 3months 6months
UC-win/Road Cluster Plug-in Option US$4,560 US$6,020 US$7,230 US$9,030
UC-win/Road Cluster Client Version US$400 US$540 US$640 US$800

Contact for Product Purchases and Inquiries
Contact for UC-win/Road inquiries:road@forum8.co.jp

: Credit and installment plans are available.
If you have any questions, please contact the version upgrade center(vc@forum8.co.jp).

Inquiries : Inquiries can be handled by any of the sales offices in Japan.
Please direct any questions about this homepage to forum8@forum8.co.jp.
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