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InRoads3 dimensional land development/road design system US$13,420
InRoads plug-in US$750
Initial Release: '07.04.05  

UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Support System
(VRdata service)
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for Windows 7/8/10
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Program overview
InRoads data exchange plug-in is a data link tool developed to link CAD and VR forBentley System's .
It can import data from 3 dimensional road design CAD "InRoads". It allows using CAD data in VR effectively and feedback of VR simulation result to CAD . You can smoothly make use of the interactive data exchange between CAD data.
"InRoads" is a 3D land development/road design system, which have full functions for a road construction project and a road land design in constructing site. It has a high level DTM function, such as a user defined standard section like spiral, slope, and water channel and parametric-driven decision making chart, which all act interactively. Users can extract an analysis contour chart from the models top view, side view, sectional view and oblique line.

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Program functions and features
  • Land development
  • Horizontal line in consideration of transition curve
  • Automatic creation of bank in accordance with the design speed
  • Automatic creation of road section and display
  • Earthwork calculation from terrain status and planned terrain status

Linkage function with UC-win/Road
  • Data is exchanged based on the import and export functions for LandXML file.
    As for cross section data, it is exchanged by using the original XML format of InRoads (Only import from InRoads to UC-win/Road is available). Thanks to the seemless interface, both formats can be loaded at the same time, and integrated 3D models of terrain and road are generated.
    It is also possible to export LandXML data from UC-win/Road and import the terrain and road alignment information in InRoads.

Feature of data exchange function
  • importing data:
    • Generation of road: horizontal alignment, longitudinal alignment, cross section
      Update road: horizontal alignment, longitudinal alignment, cross section)
      Select data from tree Tree View
  • exporting data:
    • Select road and terrain

  • InRoads -> UC-win/Road UC-win/Road -> InRoads
    horizontal alignment Generates road by combining alignment element discreeted to element to 4 element with IP method
    1. transition curve-circle-transition curve
    2. transition curve-circle
    3. circle-transition curve
    4. circle
    Exports alignment information of IP method by de-blocking the alignment element (parameter information of straight line, circle)
    longitudinal alignment Convert by elevation of starting point and ending point, intersection elevation of longitudinal transition point and VCL. Bridge and tunnel section can be seen
    cross section Shows all of sectional shape. regarding surface or slope, user can define the area to import not available
    terrain Showss TIN, contour line and boundary line data
    <Case 1>
    Read to Geographical Survey Institute 50m elevation data(2D mesh) as batch data
    Shows the center of 20km x 20km terrain data as data
    Exports terrain data of UC-win/Road as TIN data

data exchange with UC-win/Road

Developed by Bentley System (https://www.bentley.com/en)
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