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UC-win Series Simulation
   UC-win/Road Parking Lot Import Plugin Option $800(Tax is not included.)
Enables importing of parking lot models designed by the Parking Drawing System
Initial Release : November 14, 2011

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UC-win/Road Product Info
UC-win/Road Product Info
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   Product Description
This plugin enables the importing of parking lot models designed by our CAD software "UC-1 Parking Draw System".

 ・Accurate recreation of drawing of exterior / interior parking grids and road markings according to the project plan.
 ・The imported data can be freely placed anywhere as a 3D model object.
 ・Utilizes vertex buffer object for model visualization.

Imported parking lot example Viewing the parking lot from different angles

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   FORUM8 Parking Solution
Integrated design solution that incorporates numerous design elements such as Vehicle Trajectory Drawing / Parking Lot Design / Automated Parking / Vacancy Search & Navigation (VR-Cloud® Parking NAVI)

We also provide an integrated design solution based on our existing parking lot design software to leverage on the combined synergy of our products.

We first design and construct the parking lot plan and vehicular trajectory and import it into UC-win/Road for 3D visualization. Afterwards we incorporate Automated Parking System and VR-Cloud® Parking NAVI, to provide the possibility of a stress-free parking experience. Through this sort of solution, we seek to cover the entire design lifecycle of a parking lot and its utilization.

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